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What Are The Best Fireplace Inserts You Should Buy For Winters For Your Home?

Using the best fireplace can transform your life. Gone are the days when people used to spend hours splitting wood. Why waste your time cutting wood if you can enjoy a cup of tea in front of your fire? There are various fireplace inserts in the market, but electric ones are easy to fix and use. 

However, you require solar backup generators for powering them up in case your electrical power goes off. This way, you can still enjoy a warm home even when you have no electricity.

Below are some of the best fireplace inserts for winter:

  1. Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater

Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater

The Comfort Glow is one of the best fireplace inserts in the market. It’s capable of driving the cold away from your freezing home. It features a heater that provides up to 500 BTUs with a beautiful dancing yellow flame just what you need for the winter season.

It also operates with or without heat. It comes with a remote control to enhance your comfort as you enjoy the warmth it emits in your cold home. It also projects flame into the existing firebox and provides realistic flames and glowing ember bed.

  1. ClassicFlame 26 inch SpectraFire™ Fireplace Insert.

ClassicFlame 26 inch SpectraFire™ Fireplace Insert

The spectrafire electric fireplace supplements your warmth anywhere in your home. It can be installed into a finished wall or in your favorite cabinet since it’s a plug-in electric fireplace. The kit ensures excellent airflow and provides you with a professionally finished trim. 

The high-tech details in its firebox feature are sure to appeal to any homeowner. More so, the universal electric fireplace remote control permits you to change the settings without having to walk closer to your 26-inch electric fireplace insert.

And what’s more? You can set the heat to personalized levels thanks to the onscreen digital temperature reading. You can as well create the perfect ambiance for your home due to its Spectra Flame technology which grants you control over the flame intensity and brightness.

  1. Flame&shade Electric Fireplace Insert Freestanding

FLAME&SHADE Electric Fireplace Insert Freestanding

This unique insert is simple to install into your existing fireplace opening. It’s heater plugs into any standard household power outlet. It features six adjustable flame brightness levels to suit your heat preferences. 

More so, this insert cares about your energy consumption and saves energy. It also has a safety overheat protection, so you never need to worry about overheating in your home. With electronic temperature control, the insert is portable and ideal for your cold indoor 

Some benefits of solar power generators for your business are:

  1. Environmentally Friendly – Solar power generators are environmentally friendly as compared to fossil fuel generators. Carbon monoxide generated by popular fossil-fuel-powered generators is a severe health hazard. But, solar power generators don’t emit any fumes, and this makes them the most reliable alternative for any business.
  2. Less noise- They cause no noise pollution since they don’t require engines. They also offer free energy supply to the owner, and this makes them cost-effective.
  3. Multiple power sources- You can charge them using different power sources other than solar power. Apart from solar energy, some of the primary power sources are regular AC electricity from any wall outlets or car.
  4. Low running costs- You don’t need to spend money on fuel since the sun’s energy is free to extract, and here’s no oil that requires changing.
  5. Fewer spare parts- since they have no moving parts, the need for additional parts is lessened. So, although they may look like a significant investment, they have lower running costs as compared to other options in the market.

Final Thoughts

There are various fireplace inserts in the market to warm your home in winter. Pick one that can be powered by a solar generator; after all, you are now aware of the benefits. Also, remember to consider your budget and opt for the best insert that suits your needs.

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