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What Makes Xlerator Hand Dryers Perfect for Public Restrooms?

Xlerator hand dryer is an ultra-energy-efficient dryer. It consumes relatively less energy than conventional hand dryers. As per statistics, the Xlerator hand dryer consumes only 80% of the power. 
Also, its installation can be easily done in one single circuit. With advanced technology, these hand dryers are devised with “no heat technology” and run on limited power consumption.
Public restrooms teem with contagious germs and bacteria. With more moisture, the area breeds the bacteria and multiply the contagiousness in a short span. Hence, it is wise to install a hand dryer and prevent these life-threatening germs from causing any harm.
Xlerator Hand Dryer
Here is what makes Xlerator a perfect solution.

It is Eco-friendly 

Xlerator hand dryer is environment-friendly. It consumes less power and has noise within the specified decibel level. The cost incurred in stocking and maintaining the paper towels is much higher in comparison to hand dryers. Whereas, these hand dryers are inexpensive and do not require any restocking. 
The disposal of paper towels leads to colossal waste pollution. It indirectly affects the environment as trees are axed to manufacture paper towels. Also, paper towels need a waste management facility, which increases the overall expenditure.

Highly Durable

Most of the conventional hand dryers are hefty but do not withstand the heavy usage. The Xlerator hand dryer is not just sturdy but also can withstand rough usage. The body and its mechanism are designed with unique technology to speed up the drying process.
Durability comes with fine-tuning of mechanical functioning. This hand dryer has all the capabilities to fight the voltage issues and yet deliver performance. Quick-drying within seconds makes this dryer the most desirable. Additionally, it also comes with a warranty that proves it to be the best commercial hand dryer.

Inexpensive and Cost-effective

Xlerator Hand Dryer
Compared to other conventional dryers, the Xlerator dryer is less expensive. If you need to fix dryers at multiple locations on the same premises, then it is an ideal option. Cost-effectiveness implies fewer energy bills and no high maintenance cost. 
With Xlerator, installation costs and annual maintenance are the only costs that you may incur. Other than these, there will be a significant cost reduction if you replace it with paper towels. Paper towels come with the baggage of labor-intensive tasks and waste disposal management.

ADA Compliant

Many traditional hand dryers are heavy and do not comply with the ADA standards. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990) act specifies what dimensions, weight, and size hand dryer equipment must be. It does not just direct how to be placed and where to be placed.
Xlerator hand dryers comply with all the statutes mentioned in the act. Furthermore, it also has low noise with speedy air-blower. The faster it dries the hand, the less the sound is. That is how it functions and delivers top performance in drying the hands.
Xlerator is a highly durable alternative to paper towels. It will help in keeping the public restrooms in hygienic conditions and prevent paper mess.

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