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7 Easy Window Cleaning Tips to Make Your Windows Gleam All Year Round

Sparkling glass windows are often known to enhance the overall look of your dream house. However, washing these windows clean can turn out to be a daunting task. Additionally, the entire process of dusting, cleaning, and re-wiping panes require a lot of time and energy.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Such professional assistance offered by brands like eco bright window cleaners proves to be of great help. As a result, their expertise and proficiency ensure that your windows gleam all around the year. 

Window Cleaning Tips
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However, if you are one of those who prefer to clean their windows by themselves then don’t worry! We have got you covered for you with some easy window cleaning tips which keep your windows spic and span. 

With This Thought, Let’s Have A Look At Them!

Use the right tools: Be it microfiber sponge, linen cloth, detergent, or a soft bristle brush; ensure that you use the right cleaning tools. In absence of the right tools, you might just end up damaging your delicate panes with scratches. 

Select the right time: A hot sunny day will cause your cleaning solution to dry up faster leaving behind solution stains on your panes. Hence, instead of hot sunny days, try to opt for cloudy or cool days wherein you easily take your time to clean the panes properly. 

Use vinegar solution: This may sound odd, but a mixture of vinegar and water can work wonders in shining your glass windows. The acetic acid acts as a catalyst to eliminate the tough stains or sticky bird droppings making it relatively simpler for you to scrub off the dirt.

Opt for periodic window washing: Since your windows are naturally going to be exposed to dirt and pollutants, it’s advisable to clean them periodically. Such periodic washing will help you retain the shine of your glass panes. 

Tackling exterior window wash: Owing to limited space, it becomes a bit difficult to wash a window’s exterior portion. However, by referring to resources like you can simply tackle this issue. After all, it’s not that difficult!

Choose a dry day: You don’t want your window to get dirty as soon as you clean them, do you? Well, that is why picking up the window cleaning tips day with a well thought is important. Avoid super sunny days either, that might get uncomfortable for you. Days that are a little cloudy also work!

Remove the dust first: One of the common window cleaning mistakes is not removing the dust prior. Cleaning it can get a lot easier if you only decide to dust out the dirt first and then begin your washing procedure instead of simply putting water and making a mess out of it. 

The right cleaner: Use the spritz generously and please ensure that you are using the right kind of cleaner only. Do a little bit of market research and decide which cleaner goes well with your requirement and the type of window cleaning tips that you own. 

Do not squeeze: If you squeeze the sponge the water goes down and it either makes the floor dirty or the window itself. A lot of people prefer not to squeeze their sponges at all. Read more about it here. Clean it without squeezing as it will help you safeguard yourself from the created mess. 

Break it down: Do not decide to do every window of your entire house all at once. Break it down between chunks and take them bit by bit. Wipe one window vertically and another horizontally. This will also help you determine which way is the best for you. 

So, there were few pointers to take into consideration each time you decide to clean the window. Remember, wiping windows with a thin newspaper when it is damp is a good idea. Also on the corners where you cannot reach, save it for the rainy day. 

Let the rainwater do its job, but don’t forget to leave a little detergent in the corner so that it can wash alongside. Also, if your windows are way too dirty, try using onion as a home remedy, it can be of great help. 

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