The Confidence Boost – What Can You Do to Become More Confident Everywhere?

To some of us, confidence comes naturally, and they are often the most successful people we know. Of course, there is more to success than confidence, but it is certainly an extremely important determinant. Today, we are going to take a look at both how confidence helps people become more successful in nearly every field of their lives, as well as how the same core concepts can be adopted by anyone.

The Risk Factor

The Risk Factor

A confident individual automatically takes more risks than someone who isn’t confident, and although they may fail at times, they will still succeed more than the people around them who don’t take any chances at all. On taking risks, one may fail, but on taking none, one simply cannot progress.

Handling Success and Failure: The Confident Approach Vs. the Hesitant Approach

Failure comes to everyone, but confidence in one’s own self is what differentiates achievers from underachievers. The confidence which probed someone to take the risk to begin with, will also enable the same person to try again, perhaps with improvements to the next approach.

On the other hand, someone who was already hesitant to begin with, will consider the failure to be a defeat, as well as the decision of taking the concerned risk, a mistake. This is where the difference lies between the two types of individuals, and as cliched as the concept may be, it is a fact that winners really don’t quit easily, and it’s their self-confidence which allows them to be so insistent.

The Practical Approach

If someone is not confident in doing something in particular, the advice in most cases is that the person should try doing exactly that to break the barrier. The problem with this theory is that, if it was that simple, then the person would have already done it, and it wouldn’t be a problem at all!

Staying away from generic solutions, we will try to take a more practical, real world approach to the deep-rooted issue of being underconfident.

Better Dressing Can Do Wonders

One of the simplest ways to boost confidence anywhere and at any time, is to dress well and dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are more of a casual dresser, check out these Gucci sneakers on SSENSE. The sneaker is a simple, yet versatile shoe for the casual dresser, but by adding the finesse and quality of Gucci to it, the pair instantly becomes a confidence booster.

In fact, SSENSE has multiple dressing collections from the top designer brands in the world, so it’s a resource that you will find particularly useful for the purpose here. It’s not just about the Gucci sneakers of course, but more about dressing for the occasion and dressing in a way that makes you feel confident about the way you are perceived and the way you perceive yourself. 

Learn a Skill: It Could be Anything

It could be literally anything in the world, as long as it’s something new and involves gaining a skill. Simply learn a new language, or learn to play a musical instrument and you will find your confidence soaring. In case you can learn something that might help you get better at the work you do, it’s a bonus!

Exercise Regularly

Just by following completing 15 – 30 minutes of light, physical exercise each and every day, your confidence in yourself will inevitably be boosted. However, setting personal goals will give the routine more effectiveness in terms of boosting self-assurance.

When you are able to successfully apply some of the strategies we just discussed, do not compare yourself with others. Instead, compare your current, confident state, to your former self and be proud of how far you have come. Everyone has to walk their own miles in their own shoes, so self-improvement is about yourself only and no one else.

Charlie Wilson

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