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9 Weekend-Friendly Home Improvement Projects You Can Check-Off Your List

Many homeowners moan and groan at the first mention of time and labor-intensive home improvement projects. But giving your living spaces a much-needed facelift doesn’t have to be a cause for complaints, as there are plenty of home improvement projects you can wrap-up in a weekend or less.
Remodeling a home is pivotal in snowballing the value of your home. It helps you save money on utility bills and maintenance costs while enhancing comfort and improving residents’ quality of life. Other benefits you reap from home improvement projects include the following: 

  • Increasing space
  • Curb appeal
  • Modernizes your home
  • Customizing your home

While it may be tempting to dash off to the nearest home improvement store for supplies, you’ll need to use your weekends to complete routine home maintenance tasks before undertaking time-intensive home improvement projects. After all, sprucing up your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint will do little for your home’s resale value if your front yard is withering away and averting potential buyers. 
Once you’ve attended to your lawn mowing, gardening, and pest control-related duties, you can pull your paint rollers and paint brushes out of storage and get to renovating. If you’d rather focus on your list of home improvement projects and leave the outdoor maintenance to the professionals, you need to partner with a local pest control provider.
Looking for pest control in San Antonio or nearby? Request recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family members before rummaging through Google’s first-page results. Once pest control matters are taken care of, it’s time to bust out the power tools to revitalize your home.

Weekend-friendly home improvement projects

Are you tired of outdated looks and worn out fixtures in your home? If you like taking matters into your hands or you’re dealing with a tight timeline, consider the weekend-friendly home improvement projects below to add a stylish touch to your home.

Update your bathroom door

Do you feel like your bathroom door is outdated or out of touch with the latest home design trends? If so, use your weekend to add drama to an otherwise ordinary bathroom door. After repainting in the color of your choice, your bathroom door is sure to turn heads. 

Light-up dark areas

There’s power in choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home. It’s a fast and affordable way to give your living spaces a new life. For optimal results, add lamps, chandeliers, or other built-in lighting fixtures to dark corners, basements, and offices without windows. Remember to choose well-made light fixtures that are visually-appealing, sturdy, and emit a reasonable amount of light. 

Build a swing set

You can spice up your children’s play area by adding a swing set. You can make it an unforgettable family-bonding experience by inviting your kids to try their hand at painting after construction is complete. 

Give your yard a boost

Using flagstones and cement pavers (with no motor required), you can easily make a DIY patio. Add potted plants and outdoor seats into the mix, and you have an outdoor space conducive to relaxation. 
Even with limited space, you can make an elegant outdoor retreat. Locate a corner in your yard, and then add a bench and a small side table. In no time at all, you’ll have created a mini patio that’s sure to stun your houseguests. 

Add a drying rack

If your laundry room is limited in space, you can always create space on top by installing a wooden ladder. All you need is wooden planes, chains, hooks, paint, ceiling anchors, and a few standard tools.

Build a pet feeding station

You can elevate your pets’ dining experience by building a makeshift dining table. With a couple of metal bowls, a few power tools, and a crate, stool, or an old box, you can construct a pet feeding station in a weekend or less.

Install dimmers

Dimmer switches can quickly turn your dining room’s area into a space reminiscent of a swanky restaurant. You can make use of fluorescent lights or dimmable LED lights to achieve this look. You can consider a rotary dimmer switch that controls the intensity of light with a knob.

Increase the efficiency of your fireplace

Equip your fireplace with glass doors to deter heat from escaping, leading to the conservation of energy. You can also clean the chimney of your fireplace to increase efficiency.

Add a ceiling fan

Improve your home’s lighting and air conditioning by installing a ceiling fan. As opposed to an air conditioner, a ceiling fan helps you save money while circulating stagnating air. 
For efficiency, set the ceiling to run anti clockwise in summer and clockwise in winter. The clockwise spin (at low speed) in the winter draws the cold air up and forces warm air down, achieving a warming effect.

To conclude

Even if you don’t plan to put your home up for sale in the near future, regular home improvements shouldn’t discourage you from maintaining your home’s elegant appearance. 
Thankfully, most home improvement projects don’t consume endless hours of your limited free time. With just a weekend off, a few DIY home improvement projects will leave your home looking modernized and revitalized.

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