Ways to Get Your Abs Fit at Home – Ab Workout Guide

Do you want a tight and flat stomach? Then this article is written for you!
Abdominal at-home workouts are the perfect solution for people who want to work on their tight stomach without stepping outside their home. If you combine the right abdominal exercises with healthy nutrition and the true perseverance, it is possible to train all muscle parts at home. A certain fat percentage is also required for a six-pack. With the right abdominal exercises, you can lower the fat percentage so that your six pack becomes visible.
Save money and time in the gym and focus on what you want: fast and permanent tight muscles. To do your abdominal exercises at home, you do not need more than a fitness mat and the right exercises. Of course, you can always use resources to make it easier for yourself, such as a personal trainer, bodybuilding supplements or ab straps.

Before you start

The abdominal workout can be done easily, without any equipment so that you can put it into practice in the comfort of your home. However, it’s essential not to forget that it’s physical training and therefore, you also need to consider some factors.
For example, it is necessary that you organize your training and do not work on the abdominal muscles daily. It would be advisable to give some rest to the body to recover. Work one day and rest the next. Also, wear comfortable clothes and have space and time exclusively to perform your workout without interruptions. Finally, do not forget to hydrate yourself properly before, during and after each routine.

What exercises should you do?

At-home abdominal exercising start with dividing the different exercises. The abdominal muscles are separated into more than eight different muscle groups. You can divide them into the following groups:

  • Lower abdominal muscles
  • Core abdominal muscles
  • Upper abdominal muscles

How do you get a strong and flat abdomen?

If you want to improve your physical shape and your health, you should choose to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. For this, it is advisable to perform some daily workouts. You can easily practice at home if you want to. The abdominal part is the one that worries many people. That is because much effort is needed to improve it. However, it is most comfortable to perform from our home. In this article, we explain how to do abdominal exercises at home so that you can see a flat and muscular torso.

Steps to follow


Find yourself a mat. The exercise consists of performing sit-ups while lying on the floor. With this type of abdominal training, you develop the upper part of the stomach muscles and get the “small squares”. Repeat this exercise 15 times then rest and do two more series.


Different training considering sit-ups at home consists of the following. Lie on a mat while looking up, get legs stretched and close to each other than raise them as much as possible while attempting to reach your arms with your legs. Beyond all, do not push the cervical muscles or take off the trunk of the ground, because this way, you will make the muscles of the area work better.


If you want to have a strong and flat belly, you should definitely exercise your lower part of the abdominal muscles. To do it, use the following exercise.
Lie on the mat, stretch your legs fully up and lower them by flexing your knees towards your chest.
The trick to do this exercise well is that you don’t touch the button the mat. Perform 4 sets of 16 repetitions to work well.


Another useful abdominal exercise that will improve your lower belly muscles is to lie on a mat and put your legs parallel to the ground. This workout doesn’t require any other type of action than to keep your legs as tight to the floor as possible. Resist for 15 seconds, rest and do two more series.


The bicycle is a well-known exercise used to develop strong and beautiful abdominal muscles. If you want to do this exercise correctly, lie on your mat and raise your knees forming a 90-degree angle and put the arms under the head. The exercise consists of trying to touch the left knee with your right elbow and conversely, while you move your legs as if you were pedalling a bike. Perform 15 repetitions during 3 sets and you will see the progress.


If you suffer from any ailment or injury from the abdominal area, let it be a specialist that tells you what exercises to perform to improve and how you can adapt them to your environment. Another important advice is to not force your back when you do the exercises.
If you are a beginner, we recommend you to ask a coach to advise you and control whether you do it right or not. In this way, you can avoid injuries and pains in the back or neck.

Important Tips for Abs Excercise

  • If you suffer an injury, consult your doctor and tell you what exercise is best for you
  • Be careful the first few days; you will suffer stiffness
  • Start by making a short series and gradually increase them

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