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If we were asked which part of your life was so beautiful and memorable, then the answer will be a childhood. It is the best part of everyone’s life. In that stage, there was no one who denies our wishes; we get everything right at our doorstep by just falling tears. At a very early age, it was really difficult for the parents who took good care of us. They allow us to spend time watching cartoons online and animated films to learn something or to enjoy some precious moments of life. Isn’t it something that we want in our life again?
We are very thankful for the internet that allows us to see that childhood cartoons and series again with the same spirit and fun. There are many platforms that can be alternatively used to check the same cartoon series whenever we want. There might be little difference in the features of streaming sites. Let us discuss some of them that you can download for you as well as for your kids to remember your memories again.


AnimeToon is one of the famous and amazing streaming sites that will allow you to watch your cartoon as per your choice. Many android users have used this app and get inspired by it. Watch your favorite show whenever you want to spend quality time with your family. Check the features that will help you to decide which one is the best choice.

  1. This will allow you to see HD streams online.
  2. You can see the whole character in one place.
  3. For more exciting features, you can approach a premium subscription that does not charge a high amount.


watch cartoons online
Toon Jet is known as the best alternative of watchcartoononline.com because it allows many cartoon groups and entertainment all the time. They offer both old and new cartoons worldwide so that each and every individual can take advantage of it. You will not find any downloading issues in this app, and the best thing is that you can use it in android as well as iOS. The features will amaze you with its facilities.

  1. You can watch a few of the cartoons without signing it up.
  2. Find a thousand cartoons in one place.
  3. It is popular among the cartoon network industry.
  4. It allows users to give a rating to the specific program or episode.


Since childhood, we all are familiar with the cartoon Network that makes our childhood fantastic. It is an excellent site to watch motion pictures on the web. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage this app because it discovered more than 30,000+ films and cartoons updated day by day. Choosing this app will be an effective choice because you will not get irritated with the pop-ups of ads. Let’s find out some features as well to make yourself more satisfying.

  1. It is the old cartoon website where you will find all cartoon characters.
  2. You can easily explore different categories of cartoons.
  3. Fast Streaming and HD quality is the positive point of this app.
  4. It is popular among many sites.


Cartoons On has become popular because of its HD streaming. This is the best platform that allows you to watch your favorite cartoons whenever and wherever you want. As we were very passionate about our cartoon series, that’s why we always wait for the episode every day, but today’s kids impatiently wait for the cartoon they want to watch. This is why cartoons are available for you that will work on your children’s demand. Check features if it is up to your choice or not.

  1. Alphabetically cartoon ranks with categories.
  2. You can easily get the latest episodes with pad version.
  3. You will get HD streaming with megapixel 4.
  4. Lastly, you can navigate your favorite episode easily.


watch cartoons online

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Who do not aware of the YouTube that offers multiple videos of cartoons, serial and episodes whenever we need. YouTube is all in one platform that provides amazing entertainment throughout the day. Many old cartoons that don’t have any copyright issues, so that you can watch your favorite show without any error in it. On YouTube, many videos need the permission of the owner, so you go premium then you can easily go out with this problem. Check some more features as well on your excellent decision making.

  1. You can quickly get free cartoons here.
  2. Subscribe any company’s official account here.
  3. Easy to access, just download in your phone android and iOS both.
  4. You can also select the video quality as per your choice.


Crunchyroll is one of the best choices for watching cartoons and anime shows in 2020. This site is user friendly that you can use whenever you want. The best thing is that by just a few clicking you can navigate your favorite show and episode. It is perfect for a mobile phone as well as laptops and computers. You can check the reviews of customers who are inspired by this website. Moreover, check some features to make yourself sure about this application.

  1. You can easily access cartoons whenever you desire.
  2. HD quality – but you can watch cartoons online or anime show in different quality.
  3. You can also download your favorite video on your phone.
  4. There will be no copyright issues as it is a legal site.
  5. You can watch both new and 90’s cartoon online.


There are many websites that can be an alternative to watch cartoons online, but we have shared online a few of them so that you can easily decide which one is the best choice. For more and exciting applications, you can check the play store, but do not make any decision without reading its features and specification. So, let’s select above shown one of the streaming sites and download it in your phone. Let’s enjoy yourself by memorizing your childhood and make your child feel happy and exciting.

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