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Anime is a hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan and mostly associated with that region. The word anime is the Japanese term for animation and broadly means all forms of animated media. This form of art features colorful graphics, fantastic themes, and vibrant characters.

Anime follows the typical format of every other animation- storyboarding, voice acting, character design, and cell production. Yet, it is worth mentioning that the use of computer animation to improve the efficiency of the production process increased down the years.

The first format of anime began commercial Productions in 1917. However, it characterized theatrical viewing. It then proceeded to the televised colored form in 1958. In the 1980s, the VHS and LaserDisc formats made real waves up until the DVD and VCDs. Nowadays, amine lovers can watch their favorite series from the web via their smartphones or PCs. That is because there are numerous amine websites on the internet today. Worse yet, many of these sites, as much as they provide multiple benefits, have serious drawbacks as well. Thus, the reason for this article.

This post provides you with a detailed review of one of these anime websites- KissAnime. We would give you everything you need to know about KissAnime as well as its mirror sites. More so, we would provide you with instructions and guidelines on how to efficiently use the KissAnime mirror sites.

What is KissAnime?


KissAnime is a popular website most anime lovers visit stream or download animations with English subtitles or dubbed animation with high resolution. One reason this site stands out above many of its pairs is the vast collection of movies, shows, and TV series. Specifically, this site has the largest anime catalogs on the internet with various quality from 240p to 1080p. Another is because all of its contents are available for free. Also, this website allows viewers to download all of its contents and watch offline.

The reasons mentioned above make anime enthusiast prefer KissAnime to its competitors. More so, these reasons make the site one of the most visited websites in the US, with monthly traffic of over six million.

Features of KissAnime

  • Simple User-interface: One top priority for any website developer is its interface. The KissAnime site features a brilliant but straightforward interface. First, upon opening the webpage, there are icons of the latest anime on the homepage for a simple “click and watch.” More so, every footage sorts into the genres, such as action, adventure, drama, parody, etc.

The site also provides a full list of all its footages in alphabetical order. So, searching for any anime is very easy to do.

  • HD video quality: KissAnime provides varying video quality for users to select. Albeit, all of these footages are from the standard 480p quality to 720p and 1080p. This feature is exceptional because many competitors cannot do that, especially with dubbed series.
  • No paid subscription: One of the essential features of the KissAnime website is its free option to stream and download movies. There is also an alternative for a paid Beta server. Although the Beta server is not new, it is mostly ignored by users as well as other review sites because the free version is excellent in performance.

Although free, KissAnime requires registration before use. Meanwhile, it does not collect personal information like credit card details. So, any mirror site asking for such data is a scam.

  • Download option: Many viewers love to re-watch movies. In line with that, this anime video provider allows users to download every content on the site, in any picture quality desired.

Is KissAnime safe?

To give a precise answer, yes! The official KissAnime site ( does not contain viruses or malware. However, there is a slight twist to this answer. That is because we cannot guarantee the user’s safety on other KissAnime mirror sites. Furthermore, there have been numerous complaints about many other KissAnime mirror site’s security. Specifically, the most prominent among such protests is that some of these proxy sites host viruses and malware.

Safety also translates to the privacy of user’s data. Privacy issues, precisely, ISPs selling users data to advertising companies became a big issue in 2017. That is because the US congress retracted the rules that prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from selling user’s data. Like almost every other website, KissAnime allows third-party companies to serve ads and collect specific information like browser type, time and date, ads clicked, etc. However, they do not sell personal information like credit card details. Although this may be unsafe for some people, it is relatively safe for most.

Overall, the KissAnime official website is safe, but its mirror sites are not. Interestingly, some users prefer a mirror site to the official one. If you are that type, do not panic. We would show you how to be safe on it in the FAQ section of this article.

Is KissAnime legal?

This question, like the inquiry of KissAnime safety, does not have a simple answer. Specifically, although the KissAnime site is illegal, it is also legal. To simplify, displaying copyrighted footage is not lawful for websites that are not officially licensed to show such videos. KissAnime does not pay for any copyright nor rights to post any video. Thus, it is illegal.

However, here is a slight twist. Pirating applies only for hosting videos without a proper license but does not have to do with sharing videos. KissAnime does not host the videos themselves. Correctly, clicking on any anime on the suite will link you to a server that hosts such a video. Therefore, it is legal.

Many users who ask about the legality of a site do so to avoid prosecution. If you are one of such users, kindly note that although downloading anime on KissAnime is not legal, nobody will arrest you for doing so.

How to download anime on KissAnime

KissAnime webpage comes with a simple interface. As such, downloading movies is straightforward. IF you find the anime you want to download on the home page, click on it. Then, on the lower part of the video, click on “Mobile/Download (save link as)” with the desired picture quality. After copying the link, paste it on your download manager to download it.

However, below are the steps to download any anime on the KissAnime website.

  • First, go to the official KissAnime website
  • On the search bar, type the title of the anime you want to download then click on the lens to search.
  • The page that loads will show you a list of the anime episodes.
  • Click on the desired episode to watch or download.
  • To download, scroll down the bottom of the video. There, you will find a “Mobile/Download (save link as…)” with the video quality you want.
  • Right-click on the quality and copy the link address. Alternatively, you can select “save link as” to download from the browser.
  • Paste the link address on your download manager to download the episode.
  • You can repeat the above steps for other episodes you intend to download.

How to unblock KissAnime

For persons staying outside the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, etc. you will find this topic strange. That is because you have access to the website. However, while in the countries mentioned above, you will not be able to access the KissAnime website because of its restriction.

Yet, there are various ways of still getting access to anime if you are in such locations. Namely:

  • Proxy sites
  • VPN
  • KissAnime app

KissAnime proxy site

Like every other illegal site, KissAnime has numerous clone sites with a similar interface. The good part about these sites is that many come up as much as they go down. In other words, these proxy sites provide an alternative to the official website when it is not accessible.

Below is a list of a few working KissAnime sites you can go to for animes. Albeit, you have to be careful as some contain malware and viruses. Worse yet, you can get scammed of money.

Unblock KissAnime with a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that changes user device location and IP address frequently to a Secure Server. The reason for doing this is to keep the user’s identity and browsing activities away from ISPs, spy agencies, and the government. With this change of location, the user can access geo-restricted or blocked sites. Even so, he/she gets such benefits without the risk of cyber threats or being caught or prosecuted by any law enforcement agency.

With that in view, using an excellent VPN to unblock KissAnime will provide you two things — access to stream or download animes and privacy. There are many VPNs available online today, but below are a few we recommend.

  • Nord VPN (use your affiliate link here)
  • Express VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN

KissAnime app

It is worthy to note that there are many KissAnime apps on the internet. More so, you cannot always trust every app. Thus, check the reviews on each app before you download nor install it.

Generally, KissAnime apps are available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. They are also available on multiple platforms for easy access. They contain a vast library of animes with dubbed subtitles with various video quality; 240p, 720p, and 1080p.

The KissAnime app can manage to access the anime website because of its built-in VPN that bypasses geo-restrictions.

Benefits of using KissAnime

  • All animes are available in HD quality
  • Streaming and downloading anime are easy to do.
  • It is free. Even so, there is no need to provide credit card details to confirm anything.
  • Signup required. However, it also does not ask for any sensitive information like credit card details to confirm identity.


  • It is an illegal site
  • Clone websites contain malware and spyware
  • Frequent ads and redirects

KissAnime FAQ

Is it necessary to signup on KissAnime to stream or download animes?

Simple answer, no! Users can stream or download content from KissAnime without having to sign up first. However, signup provides a few benefits. First, it allows you to create a folder for animes you watched or intend to stream. Also, it will enable the user to get information on the latest released episode of trending animes via email.

How to block ads on KissAnime

KissAnime is notorious for its numerous ads. To emphasize, it is the only frustrating part of the website. Clicking any part of the page opens another window. Worse yet, moving your mouse can open another ad.

There are two methods of blocking ads on KissAnime. Namely:

  • Installing an Adblocker: Ad blockers are browser extension that does what the name suggests- block advertisements. So, with a good ad blocker, you will enjoy an uninterrupted experience in surfing and streaming animes on the site. Using an ad blocker is prohibited on KissAnime, but there are methods of bypassing the ad-block ban ( ).
  • Brave browser (use your affiliate link): Brave is a free and open-source browser with so many features. Nonetheless, its stand out feature is its ability to block ads and stop new windows from popping up when surfing any website.

How to be safe on KissAnime

Being safe on KissAnime applies to both the official website as well as the proxy sites. That is because the official webpage still redirects users to other sites. To be safe from viruses, malware, and scams, do the instruction listed below.

  • Do not click on any ad. Even so, use the steps provided above to block ads from popping up.
  • Do not use any KissAnime mirror site without checking its reviews first. More so, we recommend you use an excellent firewall alongside a good VPN.
  • We recommend that you should not sign up for any KissAnime mirror site.

KissAnime Trustworthiness

KissAnime’s official site’s TrustPilot rating ( ) is 3.1 out of 5 stars. This relatively low score is chiefly because of its numerous ads. Also, Redditors are continually keeping up discussions about the site. Below are screenshots of some of these discussions.

Final words

KissAnime is a fantastic website to stream and download animes. Its only downside is its numerous ads and mirror sites. Yet, with the guide provided above, you can stay safe from malware, viruses, and scammers when using the official website or any proxy site. More so, we provided you with all you need to know about KissAnime.

So, why are you still waiting? Follow the instructions above and enjoy streaming or downloading your favorite animes from any part of the world.

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