How To Choose The Best Verification Service Provider For Your Business

In today’s digital world, everything seems to be within an arm’s reach with just a click away. From buyer onboarding to making payments online, personal data is what many businesses consider nowadays a precious resource. In this regard, they’re working hard to integrate different solutions from many verification service providers. Hiring one can help you and your business from falling victim to any fraudulent crime and prevent important data from unlawful access of different fraudsters. 

In choosing the perfect verification service provider for your business, you should first know your customer. This is because, should the identity verification method inconvenience your customers and fail to meet their needs, they might seek other alternatives causing your business to experience huge losses. This article has insights that you need to know about choosing the best verification service provider. Read on to find out more.

  1. Analyze Your Needs

In business, each use case will call for unique user authentication and safety. For instance, if your company requires a less complex validation system to prove the identity of individuals, a modest solution will perform the task. Therefore, your business won’t demand costly multiple checks. 

In contrast, massive corporations handling sensitive information like cryptocurrency firms, banks, and financial institutions need extensive identity proof solutions. Conducting a mere customer evaluation isn’t hardly enough. Different anti-money laundering laws and know your client industry or KYC standards insist on thorough client screening and checking as well as tapping into several information sources. 

Consequently, before you pick your verification solution, understand your needs and business’ goals. In this regard, you can tap into firms that offer different tailor-fit solutions and tools such as OFAC search tool and the like.

  1. Evaluate The Method Flow

What type of data do you require to prove your consumers’ identity? Which verification services does the business specifically need? What steps will be involved in the validation process? These are crucial questions you should answer before picking a verification method.

If your institution requires an identity copy to ascertain a user’s identity proof, a facial recognition examination isn’t necessary. On the other hand, liquor stores and the gaming industry are age-restricted businesses that only need age validation of their clients.

  1. Track Prospect’s Behavior

Consumer behavior is a vital aspect of any business’ success. Thus, an entrepreneur should trace consumer behavior concerning omnichannel availability. It’s said that businesses must evaluate whether customers use desktops or mobile phones to execute their activities.

At the planning stage, the appropriate equipment for each channel should be agreed on. This is because each channel possesses unique features and poses different challenges. Precisely, whatever procedure you plan to opt for, desktop or mobile-first, confirm the method’s consistency and smooth buyer interaction.

  1. Balancing Safety And Customer Experience 

Confirming consumer identity while ensuring a smooth customer experience is believed to be a big challenge to businesses. Yet, the equilibrium between the prospect’s experience and the safety of the business must be attained.

Before picking up a solution, a corporation must evaluate the merit of the service. It should also analyze the likelihood of customers adjusting to the process. Identity confirmation solutions should create a particular threshold. For example, while using facial identity service for identification or ID proof, any match exceeding the distinguished threshold should be accounted for. 

It’s vital to confirm that the distinguished limit for ID verification isn’t low. This will heighten the risk of inaccurate positives and, consequently, possible security vulnerabilities. Likewise, if the threshold for ID validation is too high, the good match is rejected, hence affecting consumer experience.

Checklist For Identity Confirmation Remedy

Some features need to be examined for excellent verification of buyers. Below is a simple list of factors for you to look at when choosing a verification service provider.

  • Global Coverage
    Many online verification service providers only offer coverage within the country for they can’t access other territories’ information databases. This would potentially inconvenience business owners since customers may hail from different parts of the globe. Thus, consider picking an identity service provider with true global coverage. 
  • Actual Time Verification
    The capacity to prove consumer identity in seconds, when amid registration, should be considered to ensure a balance between safety and buyer experience. Late validation processes cause lost potential buyer conversions.
  • Geolocation And Security Services
    Due to the increase in the number of online fraud incidents, businesses need additional security measures to curb potential crime. IP or Internet protocol address, geographical data, time stamps, and device specifications lay a powerful foundation for companies to evaluate any possible dangers.
  • International Compliance
    Before selecting any verification service provider, ensure they provide truly globally compliant services. This will potentially save you from tough legal penalties and hefty sanctions.
  • Legal Enforceability
    It’s essential to confirm that your service provider abides by information security standards mandated by law. This ensures that the buyers’ information doesn’t land in the wrong hands. Furthermore, you can be sure that the company can be held accountable for their inadequacies via legal means. 
  • API And Availability Of Documents
    API or application programming interface data is a useful element in any verification solution. It helps you to fully comprehend the solution, its adjustability, and process flow. Additionally, it also evaluates the type of service the verification service provider can provide.
    Detailed documentation submits clear regulations that may be required to fulfill in allowing a full integration. Thus, check the API and other related documents of the identity verification service before incorporating it. 
  • Customized Functions
    First, evaluate what your business needs. This is because not every verification service provider will give a customized package. The best identity verification method shouldn’t only understand but also solve specific business needs.


Due to the evolution of technology nowadays, businesses are embracing a variety of digital remedies to solve the ever-evolving desires of buyers and business demands. Identity confirmation is believed to be very vital for everyday business operations. The abovementioned tips can be helpful for you to choose the right verification service that’d let your venture achieve its goals while providing a satisfactory client experience.

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