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Best Ways to Utilize Instagram Stories for Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now under the sun, with over 800 million users. Naturally, it has become one of the hotspots for various marketers to promote their products and services. Instagram introduced a new feature known as “Instagram stories” back in 2016, and it instantly became a great hit. There are over 500 million users who regularly use the Instagram Stories feature. It allows the users to post photos and short videos that their followers can see, and it automatically disappears after 24 hours.

How to utilize Instagram stories for a marketing campaign

We already know how successful Instagram stories have become, and almost every major brand has successfully utilized its facilities to achieve various marketing objectives. So let us look at the correct techniques to utilize fully on the Instagram Stories for promotional agendas.

  • Use the correct dimension

The correct image size for Instagram stories should be 1080 X 1920 and with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Though you can upload images bigger than this, Instagram will crop it after uploading, thus eliminating the chances of achieving full exposure. Please make sure the photos you upload are within this size limit to create a better impact on its viewers. A cropped photograph will not be able to create a proper positive impact that you want.

  • Engage with your audience

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Instagram provides multiple promo video tools like Q&A, Polls, and swipe-up links to a business website to engage with your targeted viewers directly. Using all these tools will attract your audience to interact with your brand directly, and it will tremendously increase your brand awareness among them. For example- you can conduct polls on your stories about various products (in-house and competitors) to get a real-time idea about their preferences. You can even engage with your audiences in a question and answer session. Ask your audiences to ask you questions, and you answer all the questions through your story. These strategies will tremendously boost engagement between your brand and your audiences.

  • Product Description

Depending on what you are trying to generate from your stories, your content will vary. If you are trying to sell a product, use good quality photographs of the products and make sure they are visually appealing. Try to maintain a lighter color background (mostly white) and keep the descriptions as brief as possible. The schedule is to channel the viewers’ attention to the product, so try to maintain the photo as much as clutter-free as possible. Provide a link along with the picture so that the viewers can always get to the right place to enquire, read, and purchase.

  • Generate urge

If you are trying to sell a service instead of a product, try to use photos and content to generate a desire and urge among the viewers that they can fulfill through the services you are offering. For example- if you are trying to provide fitness lessons and training, you should post photos and videos of you involved in doing some exercises. You should be able to create the urge among your viewers to feel like hiring your services of fitness coaching. Try to showcase the advantages and benefits of your services and how it can help the ones who will avail it. Promote your athleticism, fit psyche, etc. through your Instagram stories, and it will spike an aspiration to get in shape on your viewers. Use a good Instagram video editor to edit your videos before posting them so that you can generate the maximum benefits from your stories. 

  • User-generated content

One of the best ways to drive more engagement among your targeted audience is to involve them in your campaign directly. Gratification is a powerful tool and can do wonders if appropriately utilized. Organize campaigns asking your viewers to send their best photos that you will design and post as stories from your account. You can also ask your audiences to post on your behalf using your brand’s hashtags. This will leave your viewers in high spirits, and they will get more engaged with your brand. The desire to see their photos in a brand’s social media handle will urge them to participate even more. Using such strategies is mutually beneficial; your viewers get recognition in a public handle, and you generate more engagement and awareness for your brands among the audiences. Your brand hashtags will help popularize your brand’s name, and it will increase retention time among your audience and a way faster recalling effect.

  • Launch new product lines

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Depending on your follower base, you can even launch new products through Instagram stories. You can provide necessary information about the latest products, its benefits, and advantages, etc. You can also announce important news and updates about your brand over the stories effortlessly. There are multiple promo video templates available online in platforms like invideo which is an online video editor for creating fashionable and aesthetically appealing videos that you can upload as Instagram stories. It is way less expensive than any other channel of communication. You will be able to measure the effects and the number of views you generate instantly with the help of various tools Instagram provides.

  • Offer promotional codes and discounts

Another great way to boost sales and engagement via Instagram stories is by offering discount codes in your stories. Mention particular discount codes on your brand’s stories that the viewers can use to avail discounts on your brand’s products. This will surge views and exposure to your brand and its offerings. You can even offer discounts and other benefits to Instagram users if they mention your brand hashtags in their stories. This is yet another brilliant strategy to promote your brand and its offerings. Following this method will increase your brand value and expose your brand among the particular users’ follower base. You will end up gaining more followers and engagement about your brand.


These are among the best options to adapt while trying to promote your brand via Instagram stories. Try them out today and see your brand’s engagement skyrocketing.

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