Using Cisco Webex To Enhance Collaboration And Communication

If you’re looking to enhance collaboration and communication within your company, you’ve most likely come to find that there are a wealth of options available that all offer subtle yet distinctive differences in the way that they operate, so it’s vital that you find a system that works to your advantage. Cisco Webex offers some of the freshest and most engaging collaborative technology on the market, with setups ranging from small huddle spaces to full-scale conference rooms available. The collaboration solutions designed by Cisco are simpler, smarter, and more practical than ever before, blurring the lines between physical and virtual meeting rooms for an experience that helps people to connect in an instant. Find out more about Cisco Webex’s collaborative solutions below. 

Webex Meetings

cisco webex

This is a platform that allows you to construct effective meeting scenarios that allow information to be clearly conveyed and understood without any communication barriers. The Webex Meeting Center is the ideal way to integrate audio, video, and content sharing in one convenient space. The platform makes it easy for everyone to share, work together, and access information that’s being presented, meaning the meeting experience becomes one that is more enjoyable and more effective.

Webex Training Center, you’ll be able to scale up your events and webinars seamlessly, with HD video and broadcast-quality audio combining to give every attendee a fulfilling experience without the hassle of poor communication both visually and auditory. 

Webex Teams

cisco webex

Webex Teams is all about staying connected between meetings – there’s nothing worse than having a productive meeting but then having no follow-up, allowing great ideas to slip away due to a lack of conviction. With Teams, you’ll never miss a beat, with direct messages, group messaging and virtual workspaces allowing everyone to keep in contact and focused on the project at hand. Whiteboarding is also included within teams, meaning you’ll be able to annotate and improve existing files as a group, whilst the built-in video-calling functions enable you to chat face to face for a more immersive and fruitful way of communication.

Compatibility is a hugely beneficial part of the Webex Teams platform – everything you create on the Webex Board will automatically be saved into the relevant Webex Team space, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your work. With Cisco, everything is compatible and connected, creating an engaging way to work with your colleagues and project partners.

Webex Devices

These devices are the tools that enable us to utilize the Webex collaborative system, and there are lots of different devices to choose from to ensure that every space has the setup that it needs. Webex Devices range from video conferencing software that ensures that calls run smoothly in terms of audio, video, connectivity, to whiteboarding solutions tailor-made for collaborative work, so there is a real range of choices to suit every company’s needs. 

Webex Board is Cisco’s all-in-one team collaboration device, combining all aspects of communication, sharing, and conferencing to allow everyone to connect and work in the most beneficial way possible. Webex Desk and Webex Room are less rigid structures that offer flexible working options for meetings and teamwork, taking those experiences to an entirely new and more productive level.

Communication and collaboration are certainly two of the most important factors throughout any company, but it needs the right tools in order to reach optimum effectiveness. Cisco Webex provides solutions that are flexible and scalable to your business, meaning you’ll always feel like you’ve got the most effective device and platform for the spaces that you use. Large conference rooms are likely to require a more comprehensive setup featuring advanced cameras and microphone facilities, with large screens to ensure that every participant can see, hear, and be heard. On the other hand, smaller rooms are likely to need a more intimate arrangement – this is ideal for huddle meeting spaces where quick meetings and brainstorming sessions usually take place.

With the Webex collaborative suite, you’ll have a rounded, practical setup that helps you to collaborate and communicate, both internally and externally, in the most effective manner possible. This will improve workflow, decrease confusion and miscommunication, and enhance the way that you operate as a company.

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