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Why You Should Upgrade Your Door Locks

You’ve probably heard the saying “better safe than sorry” more times than you can count. Well, in the world of home security, that phrase is more than a cliche. The consequences of not investing in the security of your home can be dire. Aside from damage to your assets and property, your family would be exposed to danger in the event of any break-in.

Often, the first point of call for burglars is your doors or windows. If the locks, particularly on your doors, are in bad shape, your home will be an easy target. Let’s examine some reasons why you might need a lock upgrade now. 

Better Security

Locks do not last forever. After some time, locks may rust and become weak, especially if they are not of a high standard. Such locks give thieves easy access to your home because they will not be able to withstand force. Even if the lock is of good quality, the normal wear and tear of everyday activity will weaken it over time. 

You should change your locks when you sense that your keys may be compromised. A lost key signifies that you may need to get new locks and keys as soon as possible. You have no idea where a lost key may end up, and that’s why you should not take chances.

If you are moving to a new place, change the locks before you move in. You can never be too sure who else has a key to the new place. If your place of residence has ever suffered a break-in or a burglary attempt, the locks must be changed. The locks may likely have been damaged, weakened, or tampered with. 

Style and Beauty

Style and Beauty
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Aside from the front yard, the first thing visitors pay attention to is your door. The kind of locks you have can add style, comfort, luxury, and beauty to your home. What type of finish are you looking to achieve in your home? A rustic look? Or perhaps an ornate and modern finish? Once you settle on the style of your home, it becomes easier to choose a lock that fits.

The materials used for your locks also affect its finishing and appearance. For example, stainless steel works well for retro decors, while chrome or nickel works great for a matt-finished look. Your doors and locks can have the same color, matching colors, or they can also have contrasting colors. This combination ensures a consistent look throughout your home. Thankfully, there are good companies that offer quality yet beautiful locks at an affordable price. FC Locksmith is a perfect example. 


There is a wide range of locks, although the most common include padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, and cam locks. The caliber of lock you choose depends mainly on what your needs are. Many people use the spring bolt lock for their entrance doors. This door lock opens when force is applied to the bolt. Others use a deadbolt look because it is a tad ahead of the spring bolt in terms of security. For even higher security, some use a keypad lock. This kind of lock works with a programmable electric door that can only be open with passcodes. This lock is perfect for large families and for people who are bad at keeping keys

Now is The Right Time

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your locks, there is no time to waste. You never know when a burglar or thief will target your home or office and wreak untold havoc. Look for a good locksmith in your area who can help review your locks and give you recommendations on the next line of action.  

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