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5 Trends in External Wall Cladding

Cladding your exterior walls is one of the best ways to transform the outside of your home. After all, why spend hours rendering and painting when a professional, such as Peter Bracey, can have your walls clad for you and leave them looking fantastic?
But, before you decide that cladding is the right option for you, it’s important to consider the latest trends in external wall cladding. It doesn’t mean you have to adopt them, but, if you want to stay on trend, or are thinking of selling your home, it’s worth being aware of them.

  • Color

It’s fantastic to see that homeowners are waking up to the fact that your home doesn’t have to be brick brown, or shiny white. Any color is acceptable today, you only have to consider local planning regulations and whether you’ll upset the neighbors more than usual.
Once you’ve satisfied yourself of this you can choose virtually any color for your cladding!

  • Mixing It Up

Perhaps an even better trend is that of mixing colors. Two-tone or even multiple colored houses are now acceptable and can look fantastic. 
Obviously, you need to choose two colors that work well together but the professionals can help you get this right.
Mixing it up doesn’t just mean choosing different colors for different walls. You can stick to one color for your home and then have a rustic looking garage or similar. It really is a case of almost anything goes!

  • Make It Original

There is a rapidly growing trend to make the cladding look original. This has led to a dramatic increase in stone cladding sales as people want their house to look like it was man-made with top quality materials.
Stone cladding can look fantastic in the right setting and is surprisingly easy to maintain. You can even mix colors and styles when opting for stone cladding!

  • Rustic

Another popular trend is to make your home more rustic. This doesn’t mean you actually need to use materials that have been around for centuries. 
Raw stone cladding, or textured wood/vinyl cladding that appears to be weathered, can give you all the benefits of modern cladding while giving your home a more rustic look.
It is possible to do this by using real barn boards or similar. But, these will be difficult to find, need far more maintenance, and may not actually give you the look you wanted. Cladding makes this option much simpler.

  • Consider The Metal Option

Finally, metal cladding can give your home a more industrial feel, this is a popular trend that is worth considering. 
Metal cladding can be used to create feature walls, or you can cover the entire house, giving it a more industrial feel even if the house inside is ultra modern.
Don’t forget, no matter what the current trends for wall cladding are, you need to consider what you like the most. It is, after all, your home, and you that will be living in and looking at the cladding for the next few years! 

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