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Best 5 Home Remedies to Treat Acne

More often than not associated with the teenage years, acne is one of the biggest bugbears of high school students. Affecting self-esteem and confidence, there are many mainstream and branded products on the market that claim to be an acne treatment. What many people don’t talk about, however, is that acne affects people right into adulthood, with studies suggesting as much as half of the adult population suffers from breakouts. For those who are looking to keep their skincare as natural as possible, within a reasonable budget, here are five tried and tested spots and pimple treatments you can whip up at home.

Before you try our home remedies, remember that it is important to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and then moisturize your skin, keeping your pores as clean and unclogged as possible to prevent acne.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

One of the most well-known acne treatments, tea tree oil is natural, smells great, and is purse-friendly! Recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties (and backed by scientific studies), tea tree oil helps to reduce redness and calm inflammation in affected areas. Easy to find at a chemist, online, or at a health food store, tea tree oil can be added to your regular toner or used on its own on with a cotton wool pad.

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  1. Put the Kettle on

Pop the kettle on and prepare a cup of green tea. Recognized by dermatologists as a fantastic treatment for your skin, a cooled cup of green tea is the perfect home remedy for acne. Simply dip some cotton wool or a cotton wool pad in a cooled cup of freshly prepared green tea and use in place of or in addition to your normal toner. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help this cheap and cheerful cuppa serve as a fantastic acne treatment.

  1. Witch Hazel

Made from the distilled twigs and leaves of the Witch Hazel tree, this purifying liquid helps to control excess oils, deep clean pores, and prevent blemishes. A natural way to prevent and treat breakouts, Witch Hazel is perfect for oily skin types as it works as a natural astringent, cleansing the skin but not stripping it of its natural oils.

  1. Time to Dilute

Dermatologists are divided on the effectiveness of diluted apple cider vinegar in the treatment of acne but what they do agree on is that it contains all of the key ingredients needed to help treat breakouts, meaning that somewhere along the cleansing line, it works! Apple cider vinegar naturally contains acetic acid, which is anti-bacterial and also keratolytic. Anti-bacterial speaks for itself, but keratolytic means it can also remove skin problems at the source. To use a diluted apple cider vinegar acne treatment effectively, cleanse one to three times a week with a diluted down solution and leave on the skin for 15 minutes. For a more focused treatment, dab some neat apple cider vinegar on a specific area to dry a spot out quickly.

  1. Tried and Tested

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Aloe vera is a tried and tested home remedy for acne. Aloe Vera has naturally occurring anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Ideal as the first port of call in any cleansing regime, Aloe vera is the perfect cleanser. It removes bacteria from the skin, thus reducing the chances of spots developing. Used as a toner, Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory. It prevents redness and keeps new flare-ups at bay, whereas when it is used as a moisturizer, it is the perfect treatment for existing or persistent acne. Simply wash the Aloe vera lotion off first thing on a morning to give your skin some time to breathe.

And Finally

If you have tried the above home remedies but still have regular acne breakouts then consider speaking with a doctor. They will be able to prescribe medication specifically designed to deal with acne. Everyone’s skin is different, so what works for one person might not work for another. It’s a case of trial and error sometimes until you find the perfect treatment for you.

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