Going Abroad For Studies? 3 Things To Know About Travel Insurance For Students

If you are a student with high aspirations and dreams and are heading abroad for further studies, this is for you! 

Every year, thousands and thousands of Indian students en route abroad for studies. According to the ministry of external affairs, more than 11 lakh students went abroad for studies in different countries. This provides students with the necessary international exposure and diversity in knowledge.  

Going abroad for studies is one decision that changes students’ lives. It drastically changes the financial conditions, immediate ecosystem, classrooms, and whatnot! But, amidst all this, there is also a fear of not getting settled or having enough support throughout the journey. 

In such scenarios, when students stay away from their families to get growth in life, there emerges a need for regular and robust support. And that is what travel insurance for students provides

What is Travel Insurance for Students?

Insurance to support and secure students throughout their stay in a foreign country is known as travel insurance for students. These are smartly designed plans covering everything essential. It covers medical situations, travel mishaps, loss of baggage etc.  

It is recommended that if one wants to feel completely secure and protected in foreign countries, travel insurance for students will provide the same. 

Here is your detailed guide on travel insurance for students.  

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance for Students?

If you are travelling to a foreign country in the near time for studies, then it is for you. Getting travel insurance for students on your way abroad would provide you with the following coverage and benefits- 

  • You feel secure

Having backup financial support to look after your money needs in mishappening boosts students’ confidence. As these insurance plans generally provide wide coverage options, getting one can ensure elevated security and protection during foreign travels. 

  • Medical situations are taken care of 

No matter if you are in your own country or are thriving in the foreign ecosystem, medical emergencies are uncertain. Therefore to hold yourself together and get necessary support during medical emergencies aboard, travel insurance for students would be an ideal choice. 

Having robust travel insurance can help students with immediate cash requirements and hospitalization expenses in the absence of parents and loved ones. (if the situation arises) 

  • Any travel mishaps? No worries with travel insurance for students 

Think of the situation of getting your bag missed or losing a passport or any other travel mishap; the situation would be nasty! That too, when you are all alone to handle and come out of it. In such a scenario, travel insurance leaves no room for the hassle. These provide necessary support and grant coverage for passport loss, baggage loss, and other types of travel mishaps. 

  • Flight delays? Trip cancellation? Insurance will save you! 

Often flight delays or cancellations become a hassle for students and push them into financial stiffness. But not if you have travel insurance in hand. These plans specifically designed for students going abroad generally cover flight delays and cancellations too. 

Where to Get Your Ideal Travel Insurance for Students?

This is one of the most difficult and cumbersome situations at hand. The availability of many providers, plans, and amenities makes this decision not less than hunting flies. But, by following a defined approach, you can make sure you reach your ideal travel insurance for student plans soon.

Start your search by the country you will be studying as some providers only provide travel insurance for selected countries; this has to be your first step. Then, understand the providers’ plans, premium costs, coverage amounts and other amenities. This would also include browsing through insurance providers’ IRDA registration status, claim settlement ratio, claim bonus etc. And then, in the end, once you feel satisfied with everything, finalize your travel insurance for student purchase. Going through the pages of terms and conditions is also a necessary step and can help you reach your ideal travel insurance for students. 

To get the best amenities, one can also consider Care Health insurance’s tailored plans that provide everything one is looking for!

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