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Top Tips To Protect Your Carpet When Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating is something that every property owner needs to do sooner or later. Of course, you can get the professionals to do it all for you. However, there is a certain amount of pride in doing it yourself. 

But, regardless of who is doing the painting and decorating, you’ll want to protect your carpets. After all, if you weren’t planning on replacing them the last thing you’ll want is a bill for a new carpet.

It should be noted that this is when it can be very useful to have carpet tiles instead of carpet. They offer the same level of insulation and comfort but individual ones can be replaced if they are damaged or stained. That can save you a significant sum.

Removing The Carpet

In most cases, this isn’t a practical option as the carpet will have been professionally fitted and stretched to ensure it fits perfectly. Removing it also means emptying the room which isn’t always essential when you are painting and decorating. 

Of course, if you are painting the walls only and you have carpet tiles you may find it prudent to remove the outer edge of tiles. 

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is the preferred way to protect any space against damage or spills, especially from a paint pot. The sheeting will need to be applied to the entire floor and you’ll need something to hold it in position. If you don’t you may find the plastic sheet has been moved and the paint has landed in the one spot where there isn’t any sheeting. 

Masking Tape & Newspaper

Newspapers are less common than they used to be but it is still possible to purchase or find old ones. You’ll need to put them over your skirting boards and hold them in place with masking tape. Take your time doing this as the masking tape needs to be straight. By putting it on the edge of the skirting board you’ll be able to paint with confidence, knowing you’ll have a perfectly straight line at the end. 

Putting paper and tape on the skirting board means there is no danger of paint accidentally running down the skirting board and onto the carpet, even if it is protected by plastic.

Keep Cloths Handy

The key to successfully protecting your carpet and getting a good finish is to have cloths handy. These can be used to mop up any spills straight away. While the spills shouldn’t be able to get to the carpet, if they aren’t quickly dealt with they can sit on the plastic and then transfer to your shoes.

This could leave you with one protected room and the rest of the house having paint from your shoes on it. That could quickly become a costly mistake!

Removing Paint From Your carpet

If you have got paint on your carpet you’ll want to let it dry and then use a knife to prise it off. If you add a little dish soap at the same time you’ll find it comes off easier. 

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