Top Netflix 2020 Movies and Shows to Watch Today

COVID-19 pandemic affected our lives in significant ways. There was a strict lockdown in almost every corner of the world. The feeling of being home for months is frustrating. No one likes to sit back useless, as this brings boredom to many of us during this pandemic. Therefore, people started to engage themselves in various activities to make this lockdown productive. Still, some people just wanted to use this leisure time and catch up on some movies and shows.  
Netflix is one of the popular platforms to get all the entertainment, especially during this pandemic. Moreover, this year did not provide opportunities for releasing films in the theater. Due to social distancing, all the movie theatres were closed. So for this,  Netflix and online movies were our only savior. Many new movies were released this year, and they immediately grasped the attention of the audience.
In this article, you will find some top-rated Netflix 2020 movies and shows which people have binged watched. The rating of these movies was fairly adequate, and many people loved them. These shows and movies are highly suggested for you to watch as well as they are very entertaining.

The Old Guard

netflix 2020 movies and shows
The old guard movie starring Charlize Theron, Harry Melon, Kiki Layne, and Matthias Schoenaerts is based on a book written by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernándezis. It is produced to add on another great superhero-based film in the Netflix 2020 movies library. The story is about immortality and humanity among people of different ages. There is a group of 4 people who have powers to live till eternity. They are immortals and can heal themselves. Using their abilities, they have been saving humanity for a long time.
The thrilling part comes when they realize someone is going to expose their superpowers to the world. So all together, they make their team, and they are fighting united against the revenge mission. Very rapidly, it received a good position among the critics. Thus, you will enjoy this action plus science fiction movie in your boredom. 

Da 5 Bloods

This Netflix movie is based on American war history and depicts the life of veterans in the forces. Spike Lee directed the movie and released it in 2020. Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo wrote this story in 2013.
The plot of the film pursues the Vietnam War. The film focuses on veterans who were coming back to their country. The veterans were looking for the remnants of their fallen squad leader. Along with this, they were also searching for treasure. The treasure they buried when they were serving. The film takes place in South Asia. The film utilizes a budget of almost $35-45 million. No doubt, it was the most expensive film of Spike Lee’s among others.
People loved this movie because of its direction, story, themes, and many more. Most importantly, the performance of Lindo’s was very admirable. This movie is highly recommended for the people looking for a military-based action movie. 


This action-based plot features Chris Hemsworth as the leading role in the movie. It was released on Netflix, in the same year 2020. Sam Hargrave directed this movie. Moreover, it was his directorial debut. This story was written by Joe Russo, which was taken from a graphic novel named Ciudad.
The characters in this movie are furious and ready to fight for money. They work in illegal activities since they belong to a gangster background. They were appointed for rescuing the son of an Indian drug lord in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Everyone praised the action sequence and performance. This movie was eye-catching for the amazing stunts and thrilling scenes.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

netflix 2020 movies and shows
It is an American documentary film. Moreover, it was directed, written, and co-produced by the genius Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht. Further, Barack and Michelle Obama were executive producers for it.
This movie has highlighted the rights of disabled people in our society. It is a story of teenagers who had a wonderful childhood but had disabilities. This documentary has featured disabled kids who have faced discrimination and isolation in their life. This movie shows the historical movement which took place for disabled citizens.
As it is a story based on real-life events, you will also be able to learn a lot of stuff from it. Documentary movies like these on Netflix play a significant role in our society. Hence, you will love this film if you are up to something realistic and close to the world.

Spenser Confidential

This movie features Mark Wahlberg as Spencer in the main lead. The plot starts with the murder investigation, which triggers Spenser to get involved in this matter. Spenser is a retired police detective, and he enters the Boston underworld to get information about the murder conspiracy. 
People are enjoying this movie because of its synchronized action scene and comedy dialogues. The film is all about thrill and adventures while Spenser, with his teammates, reveals the murderer. People who like thrill and action scenes will enjoy every part of this movie. This movie was rated fairly well at the box office.

Money Heist

It is a Spain originated Netflix show which took the world with its hype in this COVID-19 pandemic. This drama is led by a ‘professor’ who is a master planner for all the heists in the show. You will see characters named Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, and many more. All of these played their role brilliantly.
These characters work as a team to rob important buildings in Spain. Different costumes, along with a unique mask and a brilliant dialogue delivery, made this show remarkable. You will also get attracted to its soundtrack. If you enjoy Spanish songs, Bella Ciao, the theme song for this drama is worth listening to in this season.  Among all additions in 2020 movies and shows, Money heist is suggested to all the action and thrill genre lovers on Netflix. 

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

netflix 2020 movies and shows
Another recommendation is for a Korean psychological drama which has rated high this summer. It has been in the top 10 in many countries. This show revolves around two main characters who are emotionally devastated from their past. They both try to heal their wounds by supporting each other. It is a tragic star crossed lovers story where both of them knew each other as children, but that childhood was not happy. The writer has emphasized the psychological behavior of human beings, as well. The main lead is a caregiver at a psychiatric hospital, so there is information about other patient’s mental health recovery as well.
The main lead is Kim Soo-Hyun as Moon Gang-Tae, who starred in a drama for the first time after his release from Korean military forces. Therefore, if you are looking for a show based on mental health with a little bit of romance and comedy, it’s okay not to be okay is the right one for you.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is another great show available on Netflix. It started in 1989 when a total of 43 women gave birth simultaneously, and the surprising thing is that none of them showed the sign of pregnancy. So it was clear that these suddenly born children were not ordinary human beings.
The kids founded the umbrella academy to save humanity. Few millionaires adopted these kids. Moreover, these children never united themselves as a family, and they have immense fighting scenes throughout the show. This show has gained a lot of appreciation in the list of 2020 movies. An exciting plot with overwhelming scenes acted by brilliant characters makes this show great entertainment.


This series is German-based production of Netflix. Dark exhibits the story of a supernatural town with people belonging to different mysterious past. The story is about two kids who went missing all of a sudden from the town. 
While searching for those kids, the four families reach a point where they find out about the dark history of their town back in 1986. The story takes a twist and turns in every new episode. The writer and director have done a splendid job on this series and have wonderfully explained about paradox and time travel.
Dark is on the watchlist of everyone nowadays. It is full of suspense, supernatural elements, and it can prove to be great entertainment for you. 

Schitt’s Creek

One of the best family-oriented shows available on Netflix is the Schitt’s Creek one. When we were locked in our homes, this show announced its fourth season. Overall there are four seasons till now.
The story is about a millionaire family who got bankrupt suddenly, and they only had a town called Schitt’s Creek as their remaining asset. Therefore, the whole family moved to a nasty town after leaving behind a luxurious lifestyle. So this series is a fusion of comedy, drama with a touch of love.
If you want to have a good time with your family in this pandemic, you should start watching this show right away. This show is a great idea to bring family unity and old times back into life. 


netflix 2020 movies and shows

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This is widely known now that there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus and it is not going to be made any time soon. So the only way to be protected against this virus is to minimize the number of times you go out and maintain social distance. There are many ways available on the internet to be productive and spend your days in this situation. One of the most enjoyable methods is to watch movies and shows with your family and friends.
The entertainment from the movie will certainly keep your mind stress free. So go on and watch the above mentioned Netflix recommendations and make your year with these 2020 movies and shows memorable.

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