Top 5 Video Downloading Apps for Android Users

There is plenty of stuff for users to watch every day. Whether it is a newly released Lady Gaga song or a TED talk that brings new ideas – some videos are worth downloading on your phone to watch later. Sometimes you need to show it to your friends or acquaintance without having access to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Even some of the greatest movies of Hollywood are available on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. 
But to download those movies, you need to subscribe to high-speed internet plans available from ISPs like Frontier, Windstream, and Spectrum. The best thing about Windstream, Frontier, and Spectrum internet packages are unlimited data caps. No matter how much you download, you never have to worry about running out of data and paying extra charges. 
The apps we are going to discuss will help you conserve your data if you are away from your Wi-Fi. Let’s find out some of the best online video downloading apps for Android users. 

YouTube Go 


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If you are looking for a highly trusted and bug-free video downloading the app for Android, YouTube Go is not going to disappoint its users. The app is catered to meet the needs of every android user, no matter, whether they are using flagship phones or low performing ones. YouTube Go allows you to download YouTube videos without hiccups. 
The regular YouTube apps allow downloading on selected shows and videos. However, there isn’t any restriction when it comes to YouTube Go. The app also allows users to share high-quality videos without internet access. However, one of the limitations of YouTube Go is that you can’t download videos from other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 


When talking about the best video downloading apps for Android, we can’t ignore adding MediaClip to our list. The application allows you to download videos from not only YouTube but also other video portals. Downloading video is a no-brainer, even a child or your granny can do with few touches. 
To download videos, you simply need to access the URL of the video and tap the button located at the corner of the application. The downloaded files will be available in the multimedia folder, which you can access through file manager available in your android smartphone. 

Free Video Downloader

Unlike other video downloaders available on Play Store, Free Video Downloader is a highly reliable and super powerful application that works perfectly with built-in browsers. Whether you want to download videos from social media sites or video portals, Free Video Downloader is speedy, stable, and safe to use. The best part is you get everything 100% free of charge. 
The application automatically detects video links and allows you to download in high resolutions including 1080p videos. You can even set a password to keep the privacy of your downloaded videos. 
The app does not allow you to download videos from YouTube due to its policy. But that shouldn’t stop you from using this app because at some point you need to download apps from other portals as well. 


Videoder is a useful application to download videos from YouTube on your android device. Not only YouTube, but you can also download videos from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Videoder allows users to stream and download videos in almost every format. 
Choose any video quality to download and share it with your friends and peers right from the app. It also comes with customization options and an inspiring user interface. For instance, you can choose various sets of themes according to your liking. Moreover, you can also view the app in dark mode. The app is not available in the store, so you need to download it from the official website. The app contains ads, which is quite annoying, but no in-app purchases allow you to use every feature without paying a dime. 


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Snaptube is another reliable and stable video downloader that allows you to download YouTube videos for free. The app comes with a simple and minimalistic interface categorized by popular videos and websites. 
Snaptube also gives you an option to choose the quality of video and share it with others on Twitter and Facebook without leaving the app. The application is not available on the Play Store. You can download the application from its official website. 

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