Holistic Water Filter Solution for your Home: Top 10 Choices

Access to drinking water is a basic necessity but are you drinking it pure? Well, while we know that drinking clean and fresh water, we often go wrong with the choice of our filters, not knowing that it could make a big difference to its quality. The challenge however could be to lay your hands on the appropriate purifier. 
Filtering water the right way can eliminate harmful contaminants such as lead, pesticides, chlorine, etc. at bay. At  https://www.aquaoxwaterfilters.com/, you can find a holistic water filter solution for your home. Whether you are looking for water softeners, reverse osmosis filters, or ways to tackle the heavy metals such as iron in your drinking water, premium companies like Aquaox have the perfect answer to all your needs. 
For your convenience, here are the top 10 water filter solutions that you can pick from to ensure easy access to purified H2O at home. 

  • Grand Pitcher from Brita

For those searching for a space-saving purifier, this 10-cup water pitcher is just right to fit it anywhere. Portable and easy to install, it can eliminate chlorine as well as heavy metals such as lead and other substances from your water. A quick fix purifier can last you up to six months. You can check the indicator in its lid to place it, as necessary. 

  • The Countertop Water Machine From Aquasana

Countertop Water Machine From Aquasana - Water Filter Solution
A clear winner in its category, this plug-in 16-cup Aquasana purifier can be placed on your kitchen counters. It is equipped with technology that can eliminate a host of contaminants. The machine comes with a cup of water dispenser that can be used to easily fill glasses and pitchers. An efficient model, this smart filter’s efficiency and filter status can be traced using a mobile app. 

  • Under-Sink Max Filter From Aquasana 

If you’re on the lookout for an under-sink purifier, this one from Aquasana might need a little effort to install but can assure you of clean and uncontaminated water. With its 800-gallon capacity, it can successfully remove pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals, and other volatile organic compounds from the water. Here’s some useful information on things to consider when buying an under-sink purifier.

  • Brita’s Easy-to-Pour Pitcher

Need to hit the gym in some time? You must carry your liquid to stay hydrated. This model from Brita is just right for those on the go. A squeezable bottle, this 20-ounce pitcher can quickly clean H2O of its chlorine content tendering good water to quench your thirst.
However, if you are looking for one to remove lead and other chemicals from your H2O, we suggest you move on to the next model as this one isn’t designed to eliminate those elements. 

  • Brita’s PUR Faucet Filter 

This one can ease most of your concerns around streaming clean drinking water at home. Simply attach it to the faucet in your kitchen and enjoy up to 100 gallons of uncontaminated water. It can remove a score of contaminants such as lead, chlorine, benzene, and more along with other minerals that aren’t required in high concentrations for the body.

  • APEC RO 

This under-sink purifier system can remove more than a thousand contaminants including heavy metals and bacteria. With a filter life that extends up to one year, this one can filter up to 50 gallons of liquids every day. 

  • Big Berkley Countertop Purifier 

Want to install a purifier big enough to cater to all your drinking needs at home? This one from Berkey can exterminate contaminants such as lead, mercury, viruses, lead, and pesticides from your H2O and has a filter life of 6000 gallons. Used for commercial purposes as well, this model can clean H2O flowing in from rivers and lakes too. 

  • Ready-to-Pour Pitcher From Zero

Zero’s pitcher is an efficient model that can remove chlorine, lead, and other chemicals from your H2O. A model designed to amplify convenience, it has a handle that can dispense H2O with one push of the button and can fill up to 10 cups at a time. 

  • Steam Chlorine Filter Pitcher From Brita

 Steam Chlorine Filter Pitcher From Brita
This pitcher is just perfect to cater to a small family. Its ability to render your H2O free of harmful components, any unpleasant odor, and improve its taste is what makes this one of the choicest models in the market. 
The Quick-filling feature is a value addition for sure! Learn more about why removing chlorine from drinking water is essential at https://www.healthline.com/health/chlorine-poisoning.

  • iSpring Whole House Water Filter 

A highly functional purifier model for your entire house, this one from iSpring (WGB22B) can be easily installed at the main supply. It could require professional installation just in case you’re comfortable with basic plumbing. Featuring a single filter, it can purify up to 100000 gallons of H2O. You could consider replacing it every 3 or 6 months.  
Each of those filters listed above has been selected on their certified capability to remove contaminants, the pace of filtration, cleanliness, weight carrying capacity, and other essential factors that goes into determining its efficiency. 
You can always choose a model and design that suits the availability of space in your kitchen. Make sure to get your machine service as and when required. Slower water flow or changes in watercolor are indictors that the filter needs to be changed.

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