Top 10 Fashion Celebrities You Need To Follow In 2019

Just as our space eerie Earth revolves around the sun and completes a whole revolution in about 365 days, the modishly mystifying elegance also glamorizes our bodies with out of this world “wear trendy” magnificence. We all know that the eyes always settle on accessories acclimatization. These trimmings aren’t for everyone, but for those who admire the beauty-esque exclusivity with individuality sensibleness.
Nowadays, the Harry Potter’s fever is really on and fashion just can’t let go the mesmerizing magic ostentatious of the Newt Scamander Coat. And now, there are people that have their very all-inclusive benchmarks when it comes to fashionable dressing encompasses. So, you better be looking here and there for vestment directions that suit your personality well. Well, today is your lucky day!
From mere alleyway street fashion to the most prestigious film festival headways, there’s always that one graceful lady or that handsome heartthrob exacting a sublime trail on the red carpet, especially at the star-studded event The Oscars.  From the award-winning seats, stairs and stages, there’s always those personified pinnacle moments that catch our glances. People have such vogue valour are the notable inspirations of establishing chic-crazy trends.
The best five fashionable female celebrities:

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid
Much to the surprise of all the trendy ladies out there. She’s the one who might be born with the silver spoon but all her styles carried her to the top of her clothing career. You heard those right girls! The Palestinian-Dutch girl has become a dazzling dress eye-candy for most of the watchers, especially all those outfits channelling girls on social media.
Gigi is a genuine designer clothing brand pacesetter and engrosses the same genes as her mother Yolanda Hadid (a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star actress) and a Dutch-American model. Meanwhile, her father Mohamed Hadid is a Jordanian-America real estate developer of Palestine origin. His ‘crux of construction’ was mostly about luxurious hotels and mansions in the Bel Air vicinity of Los Angeles, which also hints her earlier acquaintance with elite dress sense. She remains at the top spot.

Bella HadidBella Hadid

Here’s another ‘Hadid lady’ topping our list for one of the most fashionable celebrity to look out for the year 2019. Bella, the younger sister of Hadid is no wonder a beauty queen herself, who has stunned the lifestyle domain with her pretty dress up dreamlike incarnations.  She’s also awarded as the ‘Model of the Year’ for awards 2016. Moreover, she’s modelling for various vogue brands and has earned a massive respect from her colleagues. Incontestably, both of the Hadid’s are doing really well when it comes to a flourishing fashion endeavour.
Bella and Gigi have become prominent fashion figures for teen girls and younger women to look out for. The younger sibling is a fully accomplished equestrian alongside a bedazzled elegant queen of wearing some the best designer mid-culture dresses. Besides, she’s a ‘Proud Muslim’ and represents herself equally important with her beliefs while being brilliant with her panache styles.


One of those girls that got trendy pretty much early and held heralds of vogue for past to present years or so. Not only she’s a lead solo singer when it comes to signing music label brands, but even sings ft. songs with most of the superstars equally popular to her singing equation. A Barbadian singer who rose to fame right at the beginning of her performances, and got her first record contracted with Jay-Z, settling her pitch-perfect voice career to “course set” voice ventures.
Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty has garnered hip-hop music genuineness from her dedicated decade-long career and has acclaimed a few Grammy Awards as well under her name. There’s a lot more to elucidate about her in my blog, but her singing-splendid passage has created ripples of stardom for her in many ways. The least I can do here is mention her ballad beauty with her clothing sense and style sassiness.
She’s a hot trend for girls in almost every monthly calendar of the year. Her favourite fabrics or other endorses when it comes to gear on some gorgeousness – a casual maxi, party dresses, skirts and sweaters. However, if you want to know what she really prefers, then I would say some great cotton blazers alongside chic denim pants and palazzos.


Right from her father’s managed R & B girl-band Destiny’s Child girls group to the high settled entitlements for being the most nominated Grammy Awards women in history. Beyonce has become a sensational style icon in the West as well as in Europe for her girl’s group performances to the chart-busting single hits. She has some crazy styles and follows some of the chicest clothing trends going on. She’s one of the biggest striking factors for women looking to follow fashion in the most demanding way possible.
Beyonce has matured with musical performances and alongside her husband Jay-Z, performed some of her best sellers as well. She’s well-known for her on-stage presence and confidence in her area of vocal versatile artistry. What really makes her an ideal Diva to be followed by all those dearly approved devotees is so true to her spirits. Beyonce’s whole career is a mirroring effect of her very own idol – the King of Hip Hop Michael Jackson. And this is one of the biggest reasons’ she’s a flawless lead singer in her very own unique way.

Selena GomezSelena Gomez

Gomez has always been on the gorgeous lady scale since her teenage years. The young girl from the children television series Barney & Friends has been one of the endorsers of young girls when it comes to adapt streaks of styles in their fashionable dressing modes. The Mexican girl is a great choice for big girls and young women to follow in suggestions with prevailing modish tastes.
To this date, girls enthusiastically follow Gomez and keep in touch with her Kmart’s clothing line initiated in 2010 and a self-titled fragrance after two years. Without a doubt, her fashion sense is a much more sensible way. Ladies having some touch of dress decorum tend to follow her more than any other female fashion dominator on screens.
The best five well-dressed men:

Zayn MalikZayn Malik

We all know that there are many folks out there, having their very own regalia refined tastes when it comes to styling on what suits them best. When it comes to Zayn Malik’s, singing and fashion aren’t separable from both ends. Auditioning and being denied by the British X Factor, the boy was brought back and banded with the other four boys soon to be known as One Direction. Same story but different modes of lifestyle, Harry and Zayn always were the spotlight out of the five.
The ground reality fact is pretty simple and straightforward, and in the same way, Zayn’s style selection makes complete sense. Malik’s wearable always felt like get-up-and-go garments and a classy attitude persona when it came to fashion to Mens leather jackets. But after his startling relationship with Gigi Hadid, Zayn’s popularity in the fashion industry has risen prominently. The year 2019 is a great year to follow fashion in the footsteps of the British-Pakistani singing sensation Zayn.

Zac EfronZac Efron

Zac Efron is one of the boy charmers that grew his repute from Disney’s romantic comedy film franchise High School Musical and grew acclaims for many media outlets. Not only from the movies, he got a hit facelift, but he commenced into great acting spirits since his 2007 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards that we were streaming on 123movies go. Moreover, the boy became a great man figure with his shirtless modeling routines and turned out to be one of the youngest heartthrobs of Hollywood.
He’s well-known for his charismatic personality and goes one step ahead with portraying as Teddy Sanders in Nicholas Stoller’s Neighbors alongside Seth Rogen as an opposing not-so-neighborly character. He expressively credit not only for his role-playing attitudes but having a better off potential when it comes to present oneself with exclusive men’s fashion flamboyance. A first-class gentleman to follow that keeps trendsetter in congruent sync to his acting career.

Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is that one most recognized on-screen Casanova’s that needs no introduction at all. A veteran actor by chance since his acting debut goes back to the year 1993. Right from the Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club (1993-95) to the exclusive marital Drama Blue Valentine (2010), which made him to touchlines as a Golden Globe nominee. Gosling has made standout performances for his various film portrayals ever since and even gained recognition as one of the most stylish men in the world.
Ryan Gosling’s La La Land (2016) and the neo-noir science fiction Blade Runner 2049 (2017) has groomed him a lot, with both feathery dress delicate and body shelter fathoming fashions, Ryan has brought a sublime endowment for men’s clothing. Gosling prefers blazers, denim jackets, and casual shirts most of the times.

Harry StylesHarry Styles

Styles is one of those boys who has become quite an iconic figure in the UK. All it happened in 2010 when it happened all in The X Factor auditions. Along with the other four contestants, they become one of the most crowd crazy boy bands of the world. Simon Cowell’s selected boy band made Harry Styles of those male folks to get most of the spotlight out of all the boys. Since 2016, Harry has signed with the Columbia Records (the same label to sign One Direction) to become a lead solo artist together with his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk (2017).
With conviction, Styles has become a pop icon not only his singing or getting cheered on by fans around him, but his 5 studio albums along with Musical World Tours together with novelties has really enriched his personality prominently. In case, you want to know what Harry really loves – Plaid shirts and checkered endorsed blazers and dark coloured 3-piece suit. Incontestably, Styles has all those styles which boys can adopt right now until the very 2019’s end.

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth

Yes, he is Thor, as most of his fans, especially young fans could recall him. Chris is one of those hunks that rest in between the lines of a simple guy to a muscular macho, knowing his social representations. A muscular geek with a retro-cultured gentleman’s outlook has gained extensive versatility as soon as he stepped on the ramps of entertainment media. Hemsworth has become a ‘worthy of trendsetter’ when it comes to male folks.
Raging on with fashion flairs right from the very beginning of his career, Chris underwent with multifaceted genres of media entertainment. The Thor guy reached to fame for playing the role Kim Hyde in the Australian TV Series Home and Away right towards the medieval fantasy film end – Snow White and the Huntsman.
Interestingly, he portrayed different roles for various film themes like sci-fi, sports, horror comedy, and thriller adventure. At last, he joined acting forces with his career-enduring superhero performance as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris mostly cherishes plain full-sleeves casual shirts and 3 piece suits for formal gatherings. Definitely, a heartthrob hunk for new-in-the-zone middle-aged guys looking to follow the right man of their age in 2019.
There’s always a constant shift in the fashion industry with a heat of debate among vogue experts. Particularizing on clothes and other inclusive garnishes to give you the trendsetter appeal is something extraordinarily special. Though conversation isn’t all about speaking up, sometimes prancing exquisite dress and side-by-side nice-looking necessitates’ says it all. Such endorses complete a specific ‘personality brand’ beauty-grooming biz that gets abuzz from people likely to transfigure themselves with such high-spirited followers of fashion.
Talking about fashion celebrities, we can break down these pop idols into different categorizations. There are many occasions, where actors and actresses have to take on perceptive glamour grounds inspections. The event fluency gives them a flawless fashion endowment over themselves. The world keeps on its head to toe high-rise when it comes to some of the biggest film/ fashion festivals happening around the world. Fashion is something fantastically engaging when it comes to dressing up neatly with a sync touch of attunes that regulates topnotch up-to-the-minute petitions.
Everyone has his or her own selection and mindset of what fashion seems to be. As a fashion enthusiast friend of yours, I would suggest something dressily delicate with preserved sober styles. You will love it, and do try to thank me later.

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