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6 Expert Tips to Keep Your Home Burglar-Proof

A critical part of being your home is ensuring your security. Every 20 seconds, a home is broken into. While these statistics can be particularly nerve-wracking, they are also a wakeup call to tighten your security measures so that you and your family can live a relatively anxiety-free life. Below is a checklist of security measures that will help keep burglars and other criminals at bay.

Remember The Basics: Keep Your Home Locked

As you leave, or right before going to bed, ensure that all your doors are locked. Also, encourage your family members to keep their windows locked. Leaving these or your garage door open leaves your home vulnerable to burglars looking for an easy steal. Install deadbolts or metallic doors for even better security. Glass break sensors on your glass slide doors and windows will readily alert you in the case of a break in.

keep your home locked

Avoid Hiding Your Spare Key

While hiding your key will help a family member or friend without a key have access to your home, it will also help a burglar, a friend gone rogue, or other uninvited guests gain access to your home. Do not stash your key under the rug, a birdhouse or any other structure as a burglar may be watching you stash it, or will spend time looking for it till they find it. A better option would be to give it to a nearby trustworthy neighbor or friend.

Always Make Your Home Give The Impression That There Is Someone In

Most burglars take advantage of houses that look empty and unkempt, as they assume that there is no one home. For starters, avoid advertising your vacation on social media, as burglars also lurk on social media, looking to attack a home whose occupants are out. Again, if you leave, have a trusted neighbor take care of all your mail to ensure it does not accumulate at the door.

that there is someone in

Place Your Valuables In A Safe

If you have an exclusive collection of jewelry, coins, and other types of expensive antiques, cash, and sensitive documents, you are advised to keep them in a safe instead of your dressing table or study. If all other security measures fail, you want to protect these items from burglars as they will first look to grab anything that may seem expensive.

Take Care Of Your Outdoors

If you’ve bought a new TV, keeping the box out there is the first bait for burglars, so hide all evidence of new electronics. Eliminate all possible hiding places by trimming your hedges and having straight paths to your home. Again, if you’ve been doing some repairs recently, don’t leave the ladder and other tools out there as props for burglars.

Have Bright Lights

Bright lights tend to discourage burglars, so be sure to install them right below your entrance, garage, and have motion sensor lights installed along your fences and other places within your compound. Visit lighting stores Canada and have a wiring professional install them for you.


The measures above will help make your home a less attractive target for burglars. However, remaining alert and ready in the case of an attack will also increase your chances of surviving.

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