Tinder there was a problem getting your code [Solved]

Tinder there was a problem getting your code

Social media is addiction nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and tinder are very attractive to the youth of this age. If any of this social media website is down, or having a problem for a day, I am sure this is no less than a headache for youngsters. Tinder is considered one of the best dating social media dating App. It is hosted by Facebook and has millions of beautiful people from across the globe. It is a host for hot women and some gentlemen. I am sure you won’t mind chatting with your favorite people. From quite a while I am hearing that Tinder has some SMS verification problem. That is disturbing for many people. As I have read the comments of so many men, complaining about its SMS verification problem. In case you are also the victim of this problem. I might help you. Below I am writing down some solutions for SMS verification on Tinder. Let’s have a look at them.

How To Get Tinder Verification Code to Solve Error [Tinder there was a problem getting your code]

The confirmation process needs a mobile number, to verify your account. You will get a code through a text before starting account If you are having a verification problem with Tinder, and its customer service is not helping you then There has been An extraordinary code routed through text which you request. In case you are not even successful in this process. Then there is a bad news for you that you can’t start a free account. Tinder basically is free App. But it also has one premium version in which you have to pay $9.99 per month. This amount is for people either of 30 years or above. If you are below this age the amount will rise to $19.99 per year.

Why Tinder Phone Verification is Important?

You might find it irritating to provide your contact details. But trust me it does not benefit tinder, but it is beneficial for you. It is specially designed for your excellence. So I recommend all of you to log in after getting verified through an SMS code. Following are the reason why you need Tinder Phone Verification:

  • This verification helps to protect your account.
  • This is helpful for the Tinder itself, they will limit the Tinder’s users worldwide. Hence promoting the user’s safety.
  • This is important for your identity.
  • This build’s up to the individual’s confidence and they can approach your profile without any trust issues.
  • This protects your account so that any unauthorized person cannot access or hack your account.

Try your best to provide your contact details in first place. But in case you are facing difficulties in SMS verification On Tinder SMS Bypass solution for you.

Tinder Phone Verification Bypass:

Almost all the social media App required some contact details before you log in. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and of course Tinder too. Sometimes you might hesitate while giving your personal number to any of this site due to any security issue. Don’t worry you can also use tinder without a phone number. I am going to tell you a little trick that will help you to Bypass SMS verification on Tinder.

Follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to https://www.receive-sms-online.info/.
  •  Simply choose any number from the website, and add it along with your number in the box saying “Telephone number”
  •  Email the confirmation code you will get.
  •  Enter that code in the column saying “Confirmation code” and click to verify it.
  •  This must result in confirmation of your account.

By following the above steps you will have a easy access to your account. Use it freely and make new friends across the world. If this information is useful for you, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends as well.

How To Fix Tinder SMS Verification Error?

You might have questioned yourself, that why tinder wants my number at the age of 29? This is because Tinder wants to assure accuracy to it all users across the world. Tinder doesn’t want to give you a match of the person whose age is 40. Very awkward, isn’t it?  If you are getting an Error in the SMS verification process, you are not alone in this. If you are having the same problem after so many attempts then enter one additional digit at the end of your phone number. It works for so many users. It means Tinder should give it a try once again. The second option is logging out. Yes, log out from tinder account along with Facebook. And delete the web history. Now refresh your system and Sign in again. This might help you to get your Verification code

If you are getting Error 1001.  Make sure you have your own image on the profile. If still, this error is on your screen then this is because there is something wrong with your App. Reinstallation might help. So Delete the previous App and reinstall it. Re-installation will not delete your previous account and its details. Now log in to your account again and request for SMS verification code. It might solve your problem.

Conclusion For Solutions For SMS Verification On Tinder:

Tinder is the social media program that helps two persons to hook up. No matter where you are sitting, if you want to hook up with someone, log in to your account and have good chat with someone. We sometimes make a lot of mistakes while using any social media App. A little research before doing anything online might save your time and help you to perform your actions perfectly.  This article tells you about how to overcome the problems that might hinder you while using Tinder. Apply one of the above technique and let us know whether it was useful or not. Don’t hesitate to leave any comment that adds more info into our knowledge.

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