Time to move out of your “Toxic” Relationship

February is the time for new and budding relationships. It is the time when people get committed. However, for you, it is time to move out of your toxic relationship, your toxic relationship with cigarettes.

In this month of love, shower some love on yourself and put an end to the habit of smoking cigarettes. It is a big step and seems quite impossible at first, but eventually, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. You will always look back and thank yourself for it!

Smoking kills you slowly and painfully, slowly destroying your lungs and introduces so many toxic chemicals into your bloodstream. It will slowly kill all your organs, making your life miserable that death will finally be a blessing. Take the brave step and say no to smoking, once and for all.

Totally cutting cigarettes out of your life can prove to be extremely tough, and this is why a lot of people use vapes to ease their transition into a smoking free lifestyle.

Why choosing E-Cigarettes over Traditional Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes have been around for quite a while now, more than a decade. Vaping has suddenly gained a lot of traction in the past few years, with more and more individuals making the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

While picking one of the two is always selecting the lesser of the two evils, scientists and researchers prove that e-cigarettes are much less harmful when compared to the traditional cigarettes. The amount of toxic chemicals the human is exposed to while smoking a conventional cigarette is extremely high when compared to an e-cigarette.

Vapes exist to fulfill your nicotine needs that someone who has been addicted to cigarettes will have. What makes them better is that they do not expose your body to the additional carcinogenic harmful chemicals and toxins produced in a regular cigarette.

Your Life Will Change

  • When you quit smoking cigarettes, the effect is almost instant and quite evident. It improves your lifestyle and your health.
  • Within 6-8 hours of smoke-free life, the oxygen amount in your bloodstream increases. Since vapes do not contain carbon monoxide, this gives your body to detoxify and get rid of all the toxins present in your blood.
  • After a day has passed from the time that you quit smoking, your blood will be toxin free, and your lungs will start to heal themselves. All the tar and carbon monoxide accumulated in them will be removed slowly, making it much easier to breathe. This is made possible because vapes do not release any tar.
  • Soon, you will notice that your other senses have started to improve as well. You will taste food and drinks in a much better way, smell things around you in an improved way, making life more enjoyable and lovely.
  • Since you have chosen the option of vaping over smoking, you will notice that your breathing has become better over the course of the last 3 days. This means that you will have much more energy to tackle daily tasks and better stamina to withstand the challenges that come in your way.
  • Vaping is a much cheaper alternative when compared to traditional cigarettes. A regular pack-a-day smoker saves up to $4,000 over the course of the year when they make the switch over to vaping. You can find amazing cheap vaping deals flooding the internet, you may order any vape, any flavor of your choice. And it’s going to be far more affordable than the traditional cigarettes.
  • Quitting smoking and starting vaping will give you an opportunity to meet new people and make some new friends.

Things that you’d need

Now if you have finally decided to make that switch over, huge congratulations are in order. You have made a brave decision that will turn your life around. Given below are a few things to help you smoothen down the transition from smoking to vaping.

  • E-Cigarette

There are many types of vapes, a pen style, a pod system or a mod.

  • Extra Battery

During your first week, you might still be tempted to move back to cigarettes. Using up all the charge on your battery in such times can prove to be costly. Have an extra one just in case the need occurs.

  • E-Juice

There are many different flavors on the market to select from. You can try out some and pick the one that suits you best. Have some extra bottles during the first few days so that you don’t run out and start craving a cigarette.

The right nicotine strength in your e-juice also plays an important role. Too much nicotine will make the experience unpleasant as it will be harsh on your throat. On the other hand, if there is not enough nicotine, your cravings might not be satisfied, and you might end up falling back to a cigarette.

For pen style devices,

  • 18 mg/ml is the ideal level for heavy smokers who consume more than a pack in a day.
  • For people who smoke about a pack a day, 12 mg/ml ought to do it.
  • 6 mg/ml will provide you with a mellow experience if you fall in the bracket of the people who smoke less than one pack of cigarettes in a day.

‘Self-love’ is the theme of this February and ending this toxic relationship with cigarettes will be how you manifest it. It’s a decision you won’t regret, and you will reap returns throughout your life. Make sure to have a support group to help you through your cravings.

Happy Vaping!

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