Things to Remember When You are a Pot Smoking Parent

Everyone is privy to the rise in the usage of marijuana, whether it has been legalized in their respective states or not. The legalization of marijuana allows the possibility of a more judicious and controlled usage of the product. Young parents some of whom are also an active part of the pot smoking community often face a dilemma of both maintaining their habit and also being a responsible parent.
This then becomes a very dicey and debatable topic, given the fact that it is not the best idea to substitute the use of alcohol with the usage of marijuana while considering it a safer and a better option. Both have their specific health hazards, and recreational use of a drug that has particular medicinal benefits has its cons and should not be weighed with respect to smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.
Many parents often believe that switching to marijuana from alcohol will induce a better and safer high. The health hazards caused by the recreational use of marijuana is still under research and as parents if you smoke pot on a regular basis. Here are a few things that must be kept in mind if you are a pot smoking parent.

●    A relaxed state of mind


It has often been mentioned how smoking pot in limited amounts helps you keep a relaxed state of mind. Considered to be a popular stress reliever, many parents believe that smoking pot makes them better at parenting and also allows them to have a clear thought process to deal with stressful situations. A lot of parents also mention how the high induced by marijuana enables adults to connect to young children on a similar level and also enjoy being around each other.
A certain section of pot smoking parents consciously gets high to be able to interact with their children better. However, the problem with marijuana becoming legal is that it is more out in the open now. Children get to know about it a lot earlier than they were supposed to know. Parents, even those who regularly indulge in the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes, should keep it out of reach for children just like alcohol and medication. Even though there is no concrete research proving the fact that it can cause huge health hazards, there is enough research to determine the possible side effects of prolonged use of marijuana.

●    Recreational use vs Medicinal use

More often than not the recreational use of marijuana doesn’t remain limited to just that and usually goes out of hand. There have been complaints about how parents have been unable to get up to finish their daily chores and send their children to school due to being stoned throughout the day. With a child around and along with the responsibilities parents need to undertake with a child, it is essential to make time for yourself that will not involve children’s presence while you are under the influence of marijuana. Unlike the medicinal use of marijuana which involves limited dosage, the recreational usage can often exceed the desired dosage that will push the person using it into a greater high than what was desired in the first place. This then becomes important to take care of if you have children around. As much as some parents would prefer interacting with their children under the influence because it helps them connect better with the younger lot, it is also extremely important to be careful to curb your usage to gain more control over the high.

●    The talk with your children

Quite often parents fail to see how observant their children can be. Even if you believe that you have successfully managed to keep the usage of marijuana a secret, children often seem to notice things. Moreover, they will most definitely imitate their parents in some way or the other if proper information is not let out on time. This is part of good parenting skills if you are a pot smoking parent. It is important to have a conversation early on with your children once they come of age. Just like giving them a talk about the hazards of drug abuse, it is also essential to provide them with a discussion about the responsible use of legal drugs and alcohol, given how very easy it has become to buy marijuana online. The child should know from you before they get to hear about it from outside.

●    The legalization of the drug

Marijuana has not been legalized in most states. So it is important to see for yourself whether the possession of the drug is legal in your state. What you can do as a young individual or a couple is not something that is the best thing to do as parents, especially if there’s a chance that the drug that you use on a regular basis is not legal in your state. Your child would most definitely not want to see the police barge into your household. Of course, we are not emphasizing on the fact that this will happen because the authorities cannot take any step against you if you possess smaller quantities, but why take the risk, especially when you have a child around are looking forward to being a responsible parent.

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