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Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Roofing


One single phrase “a roof over your head” is enough to substantiate its importance in our lives. A home without its roof cannot shelter you or protect you from the changing weather, be it downpour, cold, or blazing hot day. That’s why you have to keep it safe so that you can live a secure and hassle-free life under it. But some householders either take this thing too seriously or tend to get casual about it. Either way, it’s not an ideal situation. Don’t be anxious. You can take great care of your roofing by simply avoiding mistakes that others do. Here is a run-down on this so that you know what you can ensure at your end.

Mistakes that put your roof at risk

  1. Laying new shingles over the existing shingles

Not entirely a homeowner’s error as the roof repairing and replacement company is equally or at least more responsible for this kind of work. You may think that adding a new layer over the old one is okay. But, in truth, this practice is harmful to the health of your roofing, mainly if you are using asphalt shingles. It can hide existing damages and also make your roof heavier.

  1. Lifting shingles for leaks

If there is any leak in the roofing, many homeowners think they can find its source themselves. In that attempt, they start pulling up the shingles. Whether they manage to discover that area or not is a different thing, but they inevitably increase the risk of more leakage in the structure.

  1. Using unsafe cleaning solutions

Keeping your roof clean is a good idea. But the use of strong chemicals such as bleach does more harm to the roof than making it neat.

  1. Driving nails into the shingles for decoration

During the holiday season, people try to decorate their home the best way, and while doing so, they don’t hesitate driving few nails into the shingles for hanging lights or other such decorative items, forgetting that these may tear the shingles.

  1. Applying DIY ideas on leakage and other issues

Householders usually stuff fillers or rags into the leakage spot, without realizing that its source is somewhere else. And by covering the immediate place, they only allow it to grow worse.

  1. Not paying attention to gutters

Clogged gutters can cause a leaking problem in the roof. So not cleaning the twigs, leaves and other materials deposited in it is one problem.

  1. Not having proper ventilation at the attic

Improper installation of the ventilation system at the loft can cause it to trap moisture, eventually leading to mold growth.

  1. Walking on the roof

For maintenance purpose, some people walk on the roof of their house, not understanding that it could force the granules and other materials out of the structure and cause damage.

  1. Not hiring professional roofing services

Only a skilled and trained roofing worker can ensure the safety of your roof. But sometimes homeowners contact services without checking the background of the company.

So, if you want to keep your roof in good condition, learn from other’s mistakes and don’t repeat them. Click here for more tips.

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