The Best Wallets for BSV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) was created after its proponents separated from Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Due to its restoration of the original Bitcoin protocol and the subsequent unlocking of its block size caps, the BSV blockchain has become a technology that many global businesses have come to rely on. Backed by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and its active community, it easily reached the top 10 in the market cap, making it one of the most stable coins in the market that are steadily rising in value. Below are six of the best and safest BSV wallets in the market today.


RelayX offers both native non-custodial web and mobile BSV wallets that have a basic sign-in and authentication process. Both wallets also integrate easily with each other and other applications. It also recently released USDC, the first BSV stablecoin. RelayX and Money Button are paving the way for BSV wallets to become more than just wallets used for sending and receiving payments, and on to a completely cashless society where real-world assets could be tokenized and traded.

Money Button

Money Button offers “a simple way to make or accept payments over the Internet” at less than a cent per transaction, doing away with the user funnel that requires everyone to register, login, and submit payment information before being able to pay and receive what was paid for. It is a web-based payment system that is an essential part of the BSV ecosystem, allowing for other applications to be built around it. And because Money Button has recently been acquired by Fabriik, it will only become more efficient and offer more features in the future, creating a BSV wallet that can interact with other native tokens.


China-based firm DotWallet is one of the most used BSV wallets so far. It comes with multiple login methods that allow people to use whatever is most convenient to them—whether email, phone number, or third-party sites. It features AutoPay and DotWallet Swap that includes BTC and ETH wallets built on the BSV tokenized protocol. Leading iGaming technology developer BitBoss has also integrated with DotWallet for its blockchain-based casino application.


HandCash is available both on desktop and mobile. It specializes in nanopayments, which makes it perfect for BSV and its minute transaction fees. HandCash also has a simple and easy-to-use interface that does not need a set of keys to keep the account secure. It recently launched HandCash Connect SDK and its own currency unit called “Duro,” which allow for developers to integrate blockchain payments across different platforms and applications. 


South Africa-based Centbee is a popular BSV wallet that even allows locals to buy prepaid data, airtime, electricity, and gaming vouchers within the application. Of course, global sending and receiving of BSV are available for both individuals and merchants. Centbee also has the convenient option of cash withdrawals directly from users’ bank accounts. 


Another one of the best BSV wallets is ElectrumSV, a desktop application that supports multi-user signature payments. Other features include being able to import private keys from other wallets, integrate with Bitbox, Ledger, and Keepkey hardware wallets and manage wallet keys and historical transactions.

These are some of the best BSV wallets that are built on the BSV enterprise blockchain, so they are also the safest when it comes to B.SV transactions. There are also other wallets, such as Metastreme.

That cater to a large volume of transactions that would be best for businesses to use.

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