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Choosing The Best Flower Window Boxes and Planters for Your Home’s Exterior

Many homeowners make the wise choice to install flower window boxes and planters. These accessories help improve curb appeal and the exterior beauty of a home. All boxes and planters are not created equal, though. Superior flower window boxes and planters share a few common elements that you should be aware of.

Protection Against Rot, Insects, and Moisture

A challenge for any homeowner when it comes to flower boxes and planters is the prevention of damage. These containers are meant to retain moist bedding. Wood and moisture are a bad combination. Traditional wooden containers become a haven for rot, pests, and mold.
The best way to overcome this problem is to use PVC window boxes and planters that are 100% rot-free. Versatex is a form of PVC that resists rot and resists insects. Always choose this material for your window boxes.

Strength and Durability

Another advantage of PVC flower window boxes and planters is strong construction. Each section of these containers is reinforced internally with additional PVC material. This increases the strength and integrity of the entire unit without adding a lot of weight.
Wooden containers are not always the strongest. They can also be very difficult to move, and damage can easily occur. The construction of PVC boxes means that your items won’t warp or crack in extreme temperatures.

Easy and Secure Installation

Wooden flower boxes are inherently heavy. These bulky choices can be a nightmare to install. Getting these heavy items level and secure requires more time and effort than the average homeowner is willing to invest.
Each PVC flower window box attaches securely to your home’s exterior with simple fasteners, and in some cases all the hardware you need is included. You can also manage the job with a basic set of tools. The lightweight material stays in place and will not sag.

Attractive Matte Finishes

Wood may not be the best choice for flower window boxes and planters, but it’s hard to beat the look. A great thing about PVC planters is that they have a matte finish that replicates the look of wood. Even under close visual inspection it is hard to tell the difference.
Where things get interesting is in matters of versatility. PVC boxes can be painted to match the exterior of your home. Use any color that you like. You’ll also save money because PVC requires fewer touch-ups as the years go by. Your boxes will retain their visual appeal season after season with minimal upkeep.

Custom Sizing

Do you have a home that requires long window boxes? You will appreciate custom sizing if you’ve ever tried to wrangle a wooden box into the right specs. PVC boxes can be made in custom sizes up to 16′ long and shipped to you ready for installation.
Here’s the reality. No matter how good your woodworking skills are, pre-manufactured PVC planters and flower window boxes are precise and tailored to fit your home. Just make the appropriate measurements and order what you need.

More Style Choices

Building your own flower window boxes might sound like a fun project until you get started. Then the reality hits. You’ll probably be limited in terms of the styles you can produce. With PVC there is no such limitation. Here are just a few of the styles you can choose:

Each style of planter or window box is designed to complement a specific style of architecture. Whether your home is traditional or modern, there is a style for you. Window Boxes also offer an excellent opportunity for you to express your own personality.

Self-watering Options

The busy lifestyle of the modern family isn’t always conducive to thorough landscaping. If you ask many homeowners why they don’t maintain a garden, the answer is often that they simply don’t have time.
PVC flower window boxes and planters can be found in self-watering varieties. This means that you won’t need to stress about the care of your plants when you go on vacation or when work and family merit your time and attention.
As you can see, there is a better way to use flower window boxes and planters to beautify your home. has all the superior items you need for an amazing outdoor project.

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