4 Teeth Whitening Tools To Try & Where To Buy Them

When you smile, you want to make the room shine, don’t you? Everybody wants to have that kind of a positive and warm influence on people. There are two things responsible for achieving that influence. First, it’s your personality. And, secondly, your smile.

While I cannot tell you how to have a great personality, I can share some thoughts on how to have the perfect smile. As you probably already knew it, it all starts with your teeth. If you want to have a perfect, radiant smile, then you will need to take perfect care of your teeth. This includes regular dental checkups as well as great oral hygiene. Go here to understand why good oral hygiene is extremely important.

Does this mean that all it takes for you to have white teeth and beautiful smiles are dental appointments and great oral hygiene? Well, while these two things are the most crucial factor in the appearance of your teeth, the truth is that it takes much more than that to get that radiant smile you want and to prevent your teeth from discoloring. The way we all live is certainly going to affect that color.

If you really want to give it your best shot and try to have those perfectly white teeth in a natural way, you will have to give up a lot of the food and the drinks that you are probably consuming. I’m talking coffee, tea, certain types of juices, various fruits and vegetables, as well as some types of meat. Does this sound overwhelming even though I wasn’t that specific about which exact food and beverages you should give up?

Well, that’s because it really is overwhelming and there is absolutely no way that you could give it everything up just in order to protect your teeth from discoloration. Not to mention that a lot of those types of food contain nutrients that are necessary for your overall health. So, what does this mean exactly when your smile is in question?

You Cannot Avoid It

It simply means that your teeth are bound to change color over time, no matter what you do. It has become a completely natural process that you will have to get used to. Of course, there are various types of discoloration and while you can certainly prevent some of those by changing certain habits in your lifestyle, the truth is that you can never prevent discoloration in general.

Since you cannot prevent or avoid discoloration, you will have to deal with it afterward. You have two different options for dealing with it. Firstly, you can ignore the whole thing and make peace with the fact that your teeth are going to change their color and stop being as white as you wanted them to be. Secondly, you can try using some whitening tools in order to get the color you want and, thus, light up the room with your smile.

You Can, However, Solve It

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I suppose that the second option sounds more appealing to you, as it does to everyone. Since there are some great whitening methods and tools, why wouldn’t you try them out? There is absolutely no reason not to try those out and the truth is that those tools are your only shot at solving the discoloration issue, apart from, of course, certain dental procedures that you can undergo.

Of course, we would all prefer to solve the problems on our own with various tools and techniques, before actually resorting to any dental procedures. It’s just much easier and less intimidating, which is why it is also more popular among people all over the world. While you shouldn’t avoid your regular dental checkups, there’s nothing wrong in trying to use the whitening tools that the market has to offer before resorting to any procedures that could have the same effect.

Here are some of those tools to take into consideration:

The only thing is, you will have to choose the particular whitening method that will work for you perfectly. There really are a lot of those out there and people usually try out a few different ones before they find their preferred tool and you should definitely do the same. Let me get you familiar with some of those whitening tools and methods so that you can start trying them out and then finally choose the one you will love.


The most basic thing you can get if you are trying to make your teeth whiter is whitening toothpaste. These are created with ingredients that can directly affect the color of your teeth and make them a lot less dark than they are. While regular toothpaste can remove a certain amount of stains, whitening toothpaste is designed to be a lot more effective when it comes to stain removal. Of course, it’s not the most effective product on the market, but it is one of the most popular because it is easy to use and inexpensive.


If you have been doing some research on whitening methods, then you must have come across strips. These are also pretty easy to use because they come pre-prepared with a peroxide-based whitening gel. They are made of flexible material, meaning that you can easily make them adapt to the shape of your jaw and your teeth. All you have to do is put the strips on, keep them there for a while and then repeat the process regularly in order to see great results.

How long and how often you will have to use these depends on the specific product you buy, because different manufacturers create the products slightly differently. This means that you should always check the instructions on the label of the product you get so that you can understand how to use it exactly. First results can usually be seen after a few days, but you will typically have to use the strips for a couple of months in order to get sustainable results.

Gel Trays

In addition to strips, there are also gel trays that you can buy and use in order to whiten your teeth. These hold some advantage over the strips because their shape allows you to easily avoid touching your gums with the peroxide-based gel. That gel can cause some damage to your gums, which is why it is of crucial importance for it not to reach the gums. Gel trays help you stop worrying about that.

Custom trays are created to fit your mouth perfectly, meaning that they won’t be uncomfortable or painful. Plus, this customization helps you solve the above gum problems that I have mentioned. The gel that is used is the same as the one on the strips, meaning that it is just as effective. However, with the help of the trays, you can reach the parts that you wouldn’t be able to reach with the strips, which is another important advantage.


If I told you that there were teeth whitening apps, what would you say? I know I was confused the first time I heard about this because it all sounded rather unusual and odd. Once you get acquainted with some of the best teeth whitening apps though, you will see that there is actually nothing unusual or odd about these. In fact, studies have shown that these are extremely effective, which is certainly reason enough for you to try them out.

You are probably thinking that I am talking about apps that can make it appear as if your teeth were white after you take a photo, but that’s not the case. Instead, these are the apps that help you go through your whitening treatments in a much easier way and thus contribute to your efforts to get the perfect smile that you want. Simply put, having an app gives you more control over the whole whitening process.

The trick is in connecting the apps to your whitening device and let you control the treatment process. Sure, you might say that the app isn’t designed specifically to solve discoloration, but the truth is that people need a push from time to time and these apps provide them with exactly that. You will stay motivated and stop forgetting to use your particular whitening tool. So, while these apps might not be a direct instrument of getting whiter teeth, they are definitely an important tool that you should keep in mind when trying to get the smile you are dreaming of.

Where To Buy These Tools

After having realized that you are in need of a whitening tool as soon as possible, you will start thinking about which ones to buy and where. The apps that I have mentioned usually come free of charge on Google Play or a similar store, but those are also typically designed to be connected to a specific type of product, instead of just any one of those products. This means that you should choose the product before you choose the app. Of course, nobody is stopping you from checking out the apps first and getting a few ideas about which tools to use.

In any case, you will have to be rather careful when deciding which particular whitening products to buy, as well as where to buy them. While I cannot tell you the names of the exact shops and manufacturers, since that depends on the area you live in among other things, I can give you a few useful tips on how to choose your particular tools and manufacturers. This way, you will learn how to differentiate between the great and the poor-quality products and suppliers. Here we go.

Talk To People Around You

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If you know a few people with the perfect smile that you are jealous of, chances are that those people have used some of the whitening tools that we have mentioned. Make sure to talk to them and inquire about the specific brands and the suppliers that sold them their products. Listen to their experiences so that you find out whether those people were satisfied with the tools they got or not and use those experiences as guidelines that will help you make your own decision.

Read Reviews

The second most important thing that you will have to do is, of course, connected both to the products and the suppliers. You will need to read reviews about the whitening products and the people selling those. This will help you determine the quality of the tools and the reputation of the suppliers and those are the two most important factors that will help you decide.

Compare Prices

Lastly, make sure to compare the prices of a few different products after you have found some great ones. Remember, the price shouldn’t be the most important factor. Still, it shouldn’t be taken for granted either. The trick is in finding the perfect whitening tools at reasonable prices.

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