Teen Vaping: Risks and Impacts You Need To Know

E-cigarettes have been around for a long time now, almost a decade or so. Recently, they have become immensely popular – thanks to the internet! The rigorous advertisements and the affordable vape deals have contributed to the incredible growth of the e-cigarette market. Not just adults, teens also are super active consumers of e-cigarettes, in fact, more!
Almost 2.1 million middle school and high school students were users of e-cigarettes in the year 2017. About 37 percent of the teens in 12th grade admitted to having vaped within the past year. This number has risen substantially from 27% in 2017.

The Current Situation

The inhaling and exhaling of the vapor that is produced by the heating of nicotine liquid (commonly known as “juice”) in an e-cigarette, a personal vaporizer or a vape pen are called vaping.JUUL is very popular that has a variety of flavors. It resembles a flash drive in looks and charges through a regular USB port, making it very easy to use for teens. It delivers excellent levels of nicotine, making it highly addictive.
The company that manufactures and sells JUUL just recently crossed the 10$ billion valuations. What is astonishing about those figures is that they did it faster than any other company in history, even more quickly than Facebook. JUUL makes up close to half the market when it comes to e-cigarette sales.
Younger generations are tempted to start vaping because of their price point and how they are promoted. They are relatively cheaper when compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Also, teenagers and many adults are under the impression that they are safe. The variety of flavors that vapes have on offer is also attractive to teenagers.
Teenage is the time when kids experiment, and as vaping continues to grow in the world, it might end up inculcating a harmful habit in kids that haunt them their entire life.

The Risks and Impacts

There are numerous risks associated with vaping. Exposing young teenagers to these risks can prove to be costly.

  • E-cigarettes have an extremely high amount of nicotine in the juices. It is stated on their official website that one JUULpod contains nicotine equivalent to one pack of cigarette.
  • High levels of nicotine make the vapes very addictive. It is even more addictive to kids than adults since their brain is not completely developed yet, making them far more vulnerable to this problem.
  • Concentration levels are brought down because of the frequent use of vapes. A teenager needs to concentrate on his studies to focus on studies and build a good career. Vaping gets in their way and hence will impact their lives academically as well.
  • The vapor produced in vapes is known to contain carcinogenic compounds. This increases the risk of cancer in teens. A study concluded that teens who vaped showed an increased amount of carcinogens in their urine.
  • Vaping can give birth to heart problems in kids along with high blood pressure. These are silent killers that stick around your entire life and make it very tough to live.

Gateway Drug

One of the significant risks of vaping is that it can be the gateway drug for teenagers. Teenagers who get addicted to vaping might then be tempted to try other drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine or LSD. This raises a terrifying issue which makes vaping worse for kids. If teenagers are involved in a drug problem, it might prove to be extremely tough for them to get rid of that habit and start a new life. It is better to stop them before the damage is done.

What can the Parents do about Vaping Teens?

vaping teen
If you have a child, a niece or a nephew, act now. It is never too late to have a healthy and informative discussion with teens to make them aware of the risks associated with vaping.
Always encourage a healthy discussion. Do not initiate the conversation with an outright statement that you are forbidding them from vaping or that vaping is banned. The best way to do this is to make them feel heard so that they can express their side as well. This way you can make sure that they do not rebel and dive deeper into this mess that is vaping.
By having a thorough conversation with them about the negatives of vaping, how addictive it is, and the problems associated with it that will haunt them over their entire lifetime, you can make them understand the real impacts of vaping. They are at a stage of their lives where they need a strong pillar on which they can build their future. It is time for you to become that pillar for them, to help them differentiate right from wrong.
Help them realize the harmful effects of a habit as bad as vaping. Bring them up to speed with the risks of cancer-related to it. Try to be a friend rather than a parent. Tell them that it is never too late and get them all the help they need to quit this habit.

Way Forward

Safer is never equivalent to safe. While vaping is more reliable than cigarettes, it is still harmful to people, and even has a worse impact on teenagers. The physical and mental effects of vaping can be a huge threat to the lives of children. The youth is the backbone of the economy of any nation, save their lives!

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