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Know How to Take Care of Your Jet Ski

There is nothing like a ride on your personal watercraft. Jet skis are one of the most popular water-crafts among teenagers. The joy of riding on the surface of the water and wind trying to match your speed is a true adventure for thrill-seekers. But it is one thing to buy a jet ski for oneself and it is totally a different story to take care of one’s jet ski. The joy of jet skiing does not last long if you show negligence towards your vehicle.

At the end of the day, it is a machine and needs to be pampered properly. Moreover, taking care of your water scooter also decreases the chance of any accidents. 

Wondering how to take care of your jet ski? Well, that’s why we are here. The following are some basic steps that will help you maintain your jet ski like a pro.

Get Rid of Old Fuel

We often keep refilling the fuel without bothering to get rid of the old one residing at the bottom. This old fuel is toxic for your jet ski. If you do not have any idea how to drain it out, consult an expert and get rid of it before it causes any serious harm to your watercraft.

Never dispose of the old fuel in water. Because it is extremely harmful to marine life and for humans also. Take extra precautionary measures while dumping it as it can easily catch fire.

Get a Proper Parking Space for your Jet Ski

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Just as it is important to have parking for your car at home, it is very crucial to have parking for your jet ski as well. Docks act as parking lots for the water zones. A good drive on boat dock manufacturer will offer customization so you can get a dock according to your desire and need. 

It will be a great place to give your beloved watercraft some maintenance services. Also, it is not good to leave your jet ski hanging in water for too long, so a dry basin that is a dock is a must-have for jet ski owners. 

Check the Screws & Cables

Before launching your jet ski into the water take a few minutes and check all the screws and cables of your jet ski. This is to fix any problem before it causes big damage. Once you get into the habit of checking the screws and cables, it will not take you long doing it. This one step adds largely to the efficiency. 

Yearly Task

Just as it is highly recommended to see your doctor every 6 months and undergo all basic tests so that you could identify any disease at its early stage, yearly checkups are important for your jetski too. This is because diagnosing a problem at an early stage helps a lot in eliminating it effectively. 

Do not do the checkups yourself as you might miss important details. Just hire an expert for a thorough examination of your jet ski, change the oil, and grease all the screws. Also, do not forget to replace the damaged cables.

Keep It clean

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Apart from keeping the fuel tank clean, you should also clean and wipe the exterior body of your jet ski. The water you go ride in is never a hundred percent clean. It might have fungus, salts, and traces of harmful chemicals also. So, once you park your it in the docks, wipe all the remnants of the ride from the exterior. This step will also help you to keep a check on any possible damage done to your jet ski during the ride

Inspect the Battery

Trust us when we say this, maintaining your battery increases the life of your battery. The formula is simple: keep a regular check, fulfill its needs and it won’t ever disappoint you and might also live beyond its warranty.

The Winter Pack-up

If you live in a region where winter ponds, streams, rivers, or coastlines freeze in the winter or the wind gets too cold to go out jet-skiing, then you should know how to pack and store your jet ski. The steps are simple, clean its interior and exterior thoroughly, get rid of old fuel, add new fuel and use fuel stabilizers, grease all the screws and other important junctures, cover it in some dry place and let it stay there till the sun starts shining bright again.


If you want your favorite jet ski to stay a long time with you and function as if it was bought yesterday then you must keep the above-mentioned steps in mind. Following the above steps will not just increase the lifespan of your jet ski but will also enhance its functioning.

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