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Super Swell Bathroom Essentials you will Simply Love

While the bathroom may not necessarily be the most glamorous room in the home, it is where your most private moments occur. As such, you must make it a well-appointed sanctuary. We have all come across those real estate ads for homes that have impressive spaces designed to deliver a resort-like experience that owners can enjoy all year round.

Our love affair with indulgence and excess is slowly growing and it should be reflected in every room in the house, including the bathroom. Once perceived as just a utility space, bathrooms are slowly coming to the fore. Interior design principles that were originally reserved for living rooms, kitchens and other spaces in the house are now making their way to the bathroom.

When you think about it, bathrooms ought to be safe havens. A place where one can go to shut out the craziness of the rest of the world and devote time to some much-needed pampering. A relaxing bathroom serves numerous purposes. The bathroom is where you retreat any time you want to take a relaxing hot shower or a calming bubble bath.

In a bathroom, a little forethought and design go a long way in this otherwise overlooked room in the house. One of the most straightforward ways that can help you elevate a bathroom’s décor is to add accessories and necessities that can refresh and update the space. Bathroom essentials ran the gamut from small items such as soap dishes to larger items such as bathroom furniture.

Such necessities not only help to add a touch of charm and distinct style, but they also contribute to your overall comfort and enjoyment. The right accessories and provisions can also help your keep clutter at bay, ensuring that everything is neat and organized. With this in mind, here are super swell bathroom essentials you will simply love every day:

Bathroom Furniture

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The days of having old, functional bathroom vanities are long gone. These days it is just as easy to furnish your bathroom as it is to furnish your living room. When talking about bathroom furniture, we are referring to a few pieces here and there that can help you add a bit of sophistication to your bathroom essentials. 

Furniture such as bespoke cabinetry can supply you with the storage that you need to keep all your essentials. Add a workspace in front of your mirror where you can manscape and do your make up and don’t forget to add a striking statement chair that can help you tie everything together. If you have the extra space, you can also add an old coat stand for hanging your bathrobes or a used bookcase that can hold all your favorite perfumes and candles.

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are classic versatile pieces that can allow you to affordably elevate your bathroom décor. Similar to bathroom trays, apothecary jars can effortlessly espouse a structured and intentional look. These jars are perfect for transforming simple necessities into elegant pieces. 

“According to Kate Huber, chief editor at NJGamblingFun, ‘’you can fill your jars with decorative little soaps, cotton balls, and q-tips; you can even use larger jars to store all your makeup brushes. Some jars are also perfect for stocking miniature toiletries (the kind that you find in resorts and hotel rooms), sea sponges and bath salts so that you can reach them with ease.

A Padded Toilet Seat

Padded toilet seats allow for an extra layer of comfort over average hard toilet seats. Padded toilet seats come with an extra layer of padding that is typically covered in vinyl. This padding is designed to extend from the seats to the covering, ensuring that you are seating on a largely soft unit.

These toilet seats come in very handy during winter when the toilet seat tends to get unbelievably cold. These seats are also invaluable for the disabled and the elderly as they offer much needed superior support.

Bathroom Speaker

Is there any better way to add your relaxation levels during a bubble bath than by listening to soothing music? Adding some bathroom speakers can help you do just that. Sure, you could always try and use your smartphone, but smartphone speakers are not usually as powerful. Most bathroom speakers use batteries and come with a waterproof casing, allowing you to hang them in your shower.

If you are going for a minimalist look, you can also opt for concealed Bluetooth speakers. This variety can be built into the ceiling, in your cabinet or anywhere discreet, especially if you do not want them taking away from the general appeal of your décor.

Touch-Free Soap

We’ve all had those moments in the bathroom when you are unsuccessfully trying to hold on to a slippery or crusty bar of soap. With an automatic soap dispenser, you do not need to handle any soap at all. The only thing that you have to do is slide your hand underneath and some soap will be dispensed automatically. The dispenser operates using a sophisticated infrared sensor that senses any incoming movements.

The dispensing process only takes a few minutes and it is typically tidier compared to using traditional soap. These dispensers are also more affordable in the long run as they prevent you from having to purchase soap dishes and plastic containers to store your soap. 

Final Thoughts

bathroom essentials

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Sadly a lot of homeowners justify investing thousands upon thousands of dollars refurbishing their living room and kitchens, but the same cannot be said of bathrooms. On average, human beings spend at least 30 minutes in their bathrooms daily. 

As such, putting some time and attention into updating bathroom essentials with a few simple necessities and accessories can go a long way. Simple additions like luxurious accessories and soothing aromas can help you create the personal retreat that you have always wanted, and it won’t even break the bank.

A bathroom can be more than just the space that you use to clean yourself up so give it a little thought and you will be surprised by how much it will do for the general aesthetics of your home.

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