Top 8 Survey Bypass Tools and extensions 2018

Survey bypass tools and extensions that work on different browsers, e.g. Chrome or as an addon in Mozilla. There was a time when you used to open a website and can download anything from it without wasting any time. But nowadays when you try to download an image, a multimedia file, video or any other data you might need to fill the survey form. It is a long, time taking process. And sometimes even after filling the survey, you might not have access to the final page. Actually, these surveys and registration forms are the sources to earn money. Every time when you fill any form or get yourself registered to the website, the webpage owner will get paid. Though it’s good for the owner but quite annoying for you. To solve this problem there are many survey bypass tools. Many of you will not be aware of the term “Survey Bypass”. So before going into the details let me tell you that survey bypass mean to skip the survey or the form and directly go to the final page. Where you can have access to all the desired data.
When you will type Survey bypass tools, google search engine will show a lot of new tools. That might confuse you. But no need to be worried. I have figured out Top 8 survey bypass tools and extensions for the year 2018. You can use them with no worries. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Bypass Survey:

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 1

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Bypass survey is on number 1 in the list. Because of its reliability and ease of use. This tool comes with a simple interface, what you need to do is, just copy the URL of the website you need to unlock and paste it on the Bypass survey. It will help you to unlock the desired page. Download anything, anytime with no fear now. It also has other options like lock Javascript, deletion of any script, allowing cookies etc. Moreover, it allows you to request for removal of surveys from any website or web page. These amazing features make it one of the best Survey Bypass tool.

2. ShareCash (Downloader and Survey Killer) :

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 2

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You must have heard the name of ShareCash already. It is among one of the best survey bypass tools. The downloader allows you to download files without surveys. It has an auto update feature along with ShareCash reflector. It has simple and easy to use interface.
ShareCash survey killer is the most popular globally used survey Bypass tool. It is available for free and works at any platform. It is not dependent on the operating system. You can use it on any device at any time, anywhere in the world.

3. Survey Remover Tool:

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 3

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Survey Remover tools come on number 3 when we talk about Top 8 Bypass tools and extensions 2018. Survey remover tool is recognized by so many people worldwide. It is an online tool that can help you to block surveys from any website or webpage. Do you want to download any media from any website? Do it without any hesitation. It will help you to block websites containing surveys and will direct you to the original URL instantly. Start using it now and save your precious time.

4. Firefox survey Remover Tool:

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 4

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If you are using Firefox Mozilla as your browser, then you don’t need to use any external Bypass tool. Chrome and Firefox will help you to unlock the desired websites with the built-in Bypass extension. Firefox survey remover tool is best suited for you. It will help you to remove all the surveys and will direct you to the original website in no time. Download all the multimedia, images, data, documents or what else you want to have in your device. It helps you save the time and effortless. And start using this extension now. It’s free for use.

5. Smasher Poll:

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 5

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Smasher Poll is number 5 in this list. Again it deserves to be in the list because of its ease of use and simple interface. Smasher as the name suggests smashes the locks and allows you to enter to the original file as soon as possible. It is absolutely free to use and allows you to download any file. I am sure once you start using it, you will adore this software.

6. Poll Remove: [NOT TESTED]

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 6

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Clear your all files and data by using Poll Remover. One of the descent Survey Bypass tool with a simple interface and easy to use features.

7. XJZ Survey Remover:

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 7

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This bypass tool is number 6 in the list of Top 7 Survey bypass tools and extensions. XJZ is the chrome extension that is totally free of cost. If you are using Chrome as a browser install this extension for free and download all the data you want. It will help you to get to the original file without filling any registration form. Moreover, it is the best Survey bypass extension/tool for social websites like Facebook also. Download XJZ survey remover now and get rid of all the surveys and registration forms.

8. Redirect Bypasser: [Firefox Extension]

Bypass Survey Tool - Extension 8

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The last one of the list is Redirect Bypasser. This survey Bypasser is a Firefox extension. If you are a Firefox user, download this extension to get rid of surveys and save your time.
Final Words on Survey Bypass Tools and extensions:
In the present era, everyone is in hustle and bustle. Maybe it is because of workload or some mental pressure that you cannot afford to waste your precious time. So why should one waste his time filling these useless forms? When you can get rid of them by using some simple tools. Because For you they are of no use. All the above-mentioned Survey bypass tools are reliable and easy to use. So try your favorite one now and clear all your files, images, videos or whatever. Luckily all the tools and extensions I have mentioned above are free. You don’t need to pay a single penny in Android, MacBook, Windows or in any other device.

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