Top Tips to Successfully Ship Temperature-Sensitive Goods

The transport industry in Australia is worth billions. It’s not surprising as the country is vast and products need to be moved all over the country. However, if you’re the producer you need to know that your goods are going to get where they need to be at the right time and in peak condition. 
This is even more complicated when you’re dealing with temperature-sensitive goods. Many products can be classified as temperature-sensitive. These include fresh food, meats, electronic items, and medical gear. 
If you’re intending to ship temperature-sensitive goods you need to use the following tips:

Choose Your Carrier Carefully

When selecting a carrier for your goods you need to evaluate their reputation. It’s important to choose a company that has a reliable fleet of vehicles and a back-up plan for the inevitable breakdowns. 
tips to successfully ship temperature-sensitive goods

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You can verify the reputation of a firm by talking to colleagues and other businesses that use their services. It’s also a good idea to look on social media and online forums. You’ll find plenty of people willing to share their experiences, good and bad.
Don’t forget, you can learn just as much from the bad experiences as you can from the good ones. 

Add a Data Logger

The next step is to select a reliable temperature data logger. This is a product made by an independent company. It can adhere to your products. It’s possible to use individual loggers or one that logs the entire shipment. It’s your decision which is more appropriate. 
The data logger will record the temperature of the products periodically through their journey. It will also note when the temperature goes outside of the acceptable range, how long for, and by how much.
Although it can change the temperature, it does encourage the courier to treat your shipment with respect and helps to ensure accountability for any issues. 

Know The Rules

It’s important that you know the state rues and the couriers’ rules before you decide on a firm to carry your products. This ensures you do everything you can to ensure your products are delivered properly and within acceptable limits. 
If you don’t know the rules it’s easy to fall foul of them, potentially creating issues if the temperature range hasn’t been maintained. 

Package Carefully

tips to successfully ship temperature-sensitive goods

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A key part of getting your product there at the right temperature is ensuring they have the best possible packaging. You’ll need to consider what damage could happen t your parcel and how to protect it from them. It’s also a good idea to ensure air can move around the parcels, encouraging them to stay cool. 
Custom packaging is generally the best option, although not always a viable one. 
Don’t forget, the faster the shipping option the less likely it is that your goods will encounter issues. But, as the cost will be greater, you’re customers will need to be willing to pay this, if they’re not then you won’t have any customers and there is no need t worry about shipping.  

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