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In most of the cases, the bite left by the Brown Recluse spider is misinterpreted by the persons that were harmed by it, and it is thought that it is just a bee or a wasp. If you see this species on your home, don’t hesitate to call in spider exterminators in Phoenix services right away.

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in many Americans. It appears that spiders have gotten a bad reputation for being poisonous, vicious, little creatures that will attack and bite at every chance it gets. 

This certainly is not true as not all species of spiders are harmful to humans. But, it is important to know the facts when which of these spiders are often feared, one of them being the Brown Recluse spider.

The Brown Recluse Spider is very often seen living in the Midwest and the Southeastern parts of the United States of America, and it has a distinctive violin pattern on their cephalothoraxes. 

Brown Recluse Spider

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The most encountered symptoms in the case of a Brown Recluse spider can usually be a general pain, itching, and can evolve even into nausea and fever or the ill person can start vomiting. 

All these symptoms will reveal after a period when the spider’s bite will not have any other symptoms than a simple burning and itchy sensation on the part of the affected skin. It is generally accepted that it is very good to apply First Aid in case of a suspected Brown Recluse spider. 

The skin around the spider’s bite should be washed with cold water and soap, preventing further infection and getting rid of the venom that staid on the surface of the skin. 

Also, it is very important to put some ice packs on the wound in order to be sure that the swelling will be reduced on the wound. It is very important not to apply creams and do not try to suck the poison (venom) from the wound, because this will only aggravate your situation, spreading the poison (venom) into your entire body. 

It is smart to call at the Emergency for an Ambulance, or if your health state is not such aggravated you can easily call your family doctor. 


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Usually, the prescribed treatment by the doctor will include mostly antibiotics that will fight with the local or in rare cases general infection. 

The Brown Recluse spider is not a life-threatening creature for the humans, although sometimes they can bring death to the ones they infested, this happens only in rare cases. 

In most cases, the ones that have suffered from this spider’s bites will be treated at their home, rather than the hospital. At the hospital, there will be treated only the severe cases. 

Occasionally it will be necessary to be done a plastic surgery if it is visible the necrosis of the spider bite. 

There are rare cases when a Brown Recluse Spider will attack you without a motive. They will attack whenever they will feel threatened by us, humans. 

However, don’t forget to have great care with yourself and receive the most suited medical care form a specialized doctor immediately. 

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