Most Popular Social Media Platform of 2019

Advertisers and marketers are now looking towards most popular social media platforms for 2019. Everyone who is somehow connected to social media business is now looking towards new strategies and social media platforms that can give their business a new boost. In the last few years, there was a huge shift of advertisers from mainstream media to social media platforms. The reason is countless, In short, social media is the quickest to access and every other person is somehow using it. So the number of the target audience is huge on social platforms as compared to mainstream media. There is a number of famous social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. The digital departments in different agencies are working for new social media trends that can help the agency to gain some better response.

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If you are one of those people who is looking for some best social media platform in the coming year then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to mention the upcoming social media trends and platforms that can help you boost your business and give to a good business year. So let’s have a look at them.

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms 2019

social media 2019

Following is the list and detail of most popular social media platforms for 2019. Have a look at them.


This is the era of networking absolutely. In this era, there is so much competition between different social media networking platforms. You can see hundreds of networking website competing for each other. But the year 2019 is a year of Facebook without any doubt. Facebook dominates the networking industry by boosting an account of almost 85 percent users worldwide (China is not included in it). This clearly shows the ability of Facebook for retaining its members. So all of you, the investors, advertisers, and marketers plan something for Facebook business strategies and give your business a complete new boost. Of course, the greater number of audience will eventually lead towards greater profit.

Similarly, if we talk about messaging service, the number of messaging apps is huge as well. Like a Facebook messenger, WhatsApp messenger, Viber, line, Snapchat and many more. There is a very tough competition between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messenger. Facebook wins with the millions of users. On the other hand, WhatsApp has more monthly subscribers.


YouTube is number second in the list of most popular social media platforms for the year 2019. It is the second largest platform after Facebook that is followed by a huge number of people. Youtube is mostly used platform by networking from the people from all parts of the world. According to some reports, there are more youtube visitors as compared to subscribers. So if you are an advertiser or a businessman than youtube advertising is surely going to pay you something good. Before planning something it is important for you to know about the target audience. So for your ease let me tell you that most youtube advertisers are between ages of 16 to 24. Its mean it is the favorite platform of youth and especially teenagers.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter

WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and twitter relatively have a huge number of audience. Millions of people across the globe use these social media platforms for interaction and marketing. If you are planning to start a new business through social media than surely Instagram is a nice option. As there is a number of apps that allow you to Buy Automatic likes cheap free as well as free Instagram likes. I have shared their details above. In the year 2019, these platforms will still be the most popular social media platforms.

Upcoming Social Media Platforms To Watch In 2019

Following are the 2 upcoming social media platforms that need your attention in 2019. Have a look at them


Vero is an alternative to Instagram. That lets you share your photos, videos music, books, different pieces of writing and etc.  It has a feed like Instagram that let you watch what other people have shared. I like to clear one thing here that Vero has no ads. You can only see pure and original content here. So in case you are looking for the most interactive as well as an informative social media platform for the year 2019 than Vero is one of them. Though there is no advertising option in Vero you can use this app for researching and discover new things that might be helpful for you in future.  Download it now from play store and have fun. (Merged to TikTok) is alternative of Snapchat. This social media platform is best or the music lover people across the world. This app was developed by Chinese and it’s little different than Snapchat as it allows you to make videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute. It has users from the all across the world. You can use features like Duet, best fan and can use the music of there as well. It is a good opportunity for people to create their own unique videos and engage a number of audience from different parts of the world.


Google is seriously working hard for the social media trends that can blow the business world in the year 2019. The above trends are the most emerging one. Read the article carefully and plan your strategies accordingly. In case you have any kind of query related to it, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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