Best Social Media marketing tips for Home Grown Chocolate Companies

It is a very common thing, and we have all experienced it. You bring home a bar of new belgian chocolate to try or are gifted a box of chocolates buy a friend. You finish up the box in no time, devouring the chocolates and enjoying every bite, and before you know it, the box is empty. You try to purchase more, look up what else the manufacturer of these wonderful delicacies has to offer and come up empty-handed.
If you are one of the homegrown companies that make these handcrafted delicacies, make sure you follow some of these tips to use social media effectively for free advertising of your product.

Tips for Social Media Marketing

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts for all your activities on social media. Even though each platform has its unique qualities, some things are common to all of them.

●    Share Quality Content

Always make sure to share quality content on your social media profile. You are responsible for the image of your brand. You want to make sure that you are trustworthy and your customers see you as reliable.
Instead of just posting and re-posting your own content, try to share others’ work. Make sure that you keep your business as humanly as possible. People are more likely to follow other people if they can associate with them, be it an individual or a small homegrown company.
With that being said, make sure that you don’t use your business account for your personal use. Even if you are scrolling through, make sure that you don’t mix up your personal and business account. You don’t want to come off as naïve and unprofessional.

●    Post consistently

Post content consistently on your social media accounts. Stay connected to your followers. People are interested in inactive accounts. Keep them updated about your business.
Let them know about the specials for the day, or some new seasonal line of chocolates that you have been working on, or just a general blog post. If you don’t have any new content to post, just post some recent customer reviews to improve your brand credibility.

●    Know your Audience and their Likes & Dislikes

Always keep in touch with your audience. A creator has to ensure that the audience is satisfied and enjoys their experience. Keep track of the posts that got the best reaction and the ones that were the most interactive.
Keep this in mind when posting your next update, and make sure to continue sharing similar content. Try to experiment with new stuff, keeping the interests of the customers in mind.
Keep up with current events, whatever is going around in the world around you. Post deals or maybe start some new products related to the events. This helps you stay relevant in this fast-moving world.
Always work to please your audience. You are a business, and while it is essential to generate a profit, never forget that the customer is always right.

●    Craft a good bio for each network

Having a well thought out and informative bio is essential on social media, especially when you are a business. Do not forget to include essential information about your business, such as your location, the product focus, and the link to your website or any other social networks.
Give information about whether you ship locally or cover larger areas. Include your email and contact number as well if possible. Try to update your bio regularly, making sure everything mentioned is true.
Customers hate finding an account with great content and exciting products but then having no clue about where the products are made or how they can purchase them.

●    Focus on 1 or 2 Networks

Maintaining multiple social media accounts can be exhausting and is unnecessary. Try to learn how to make the most out of each one of them. This will help you maintain a brand presence everywhere.
With that being said, decide which 1 or 2 networks are the most fun and productive for your business, the most useful for getting the word out about your business. Keep your primary focus on these couple of networks.
This will help you be more productive without the feeling of being overwhelmed while trying to stay active on multiple platforms. Always try to be active on them.
Try to post consistently once or twice a week on the other networks as well, but don’t put too much effort into maintaining them. For example, Instagram is the best option for sharing pictures about your products and sharing stories every day. It also has the possibility of having a business profile.
Twitter can be your second media platform, where you can interact more with your customers, gain their feedback and share new product lines as well.
It is essential for you to be wholly invested in your business for it to be successful and reach the heights that you want it too. While being invested in business meant doing quality checks and baking chocolate some years ago, a new factor of social media has come into play.

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