Single Stage Or Two Stage Furnace - Which One To Pick?

Single Stage Or Two Stage Furnace - Which One To Pick?

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  • Single-stage furnaces
  • Two-stage furnaces

Shopping for a furnace can be a fun experience because the unit will provide you with warmth for a long time. It’s a practical purchase whether you’re getting it for the first or second time. But, you shouldn’t go in blindly when it comes to your shopping experience.

You walk into a store and you suddenly feel too overwhelmed by many different options. It’s quite alright because this happens to a lot of people. You can always ask the salesperson for advice or you can do research on your own in advance so you’ll know what to expect.

Choosing the right furnace can make all the difference in the world because it’s something you’ll have to use for a very long time. It’s an investment in a way. Check out this page for more

The two most common types of furnaces people have a hard time choosing between are the single stage or the two stage furnaces. If you’re among those homeowners, you need to have a better understanding of what they are and what they offer before you make a final decision with your purchase.

Below we’re going to explain them in further detail:

Single-stage furnaces

This is probably the simpler unit out of the two, meaning it only has two switches: on and off. Once you turn it on, you can expect from it to operate at full capacity, but once off, it shuts down completely. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

When it comes to cost, this type of unit is less expensive than the two-stage unit. If you are trying to save money and have a certain budget in mind, choosing this device is preferable than the second one.

However, its single power mode can be quite problematic for several reasons. Once turned on and running at full capacity, the areas near its vents will heat up right away.

Then, while the rest of your home warms up as well, the thermostat might think that the entire house has reached the desired temperature, when it fact, it hasn’t. This effect will cause the furnace to shut down ahead of time, which is not something you want to happen, especially if the weather outside is freezing.

To prevent cold spots around the house, many homeowners simply raise the temperature on the thermostat so their unit won’t shut down in advance. This might provide you with the warmth you need, but it creates another issue along the way, which is high energy bills. You should also know that the single-stage furnace is meant for smaller homes that don’t require too much warmth.

So, are you willing to go with this option, or consider looking into the two-stage furnace as well? Read more here.

Two-stage furnaces

One of the main characteristics of two-stage furnaces is that they have three settings at your disposal: off, on, and a low mode. When you turn on the unit, it will start operating on a lower setting. This could change if the weather outside drastically worsens. Then, the unit will switch to a higher setting.

A good thing about this type of unit is that it has the capacity to heat your entire house evenly. Since it is a more complex unit than the single-stage one, it requires more power to operate. So, in turn, you might have higher power bills each month.

But, if you have a home consisting of two levels, this type of unit is a better fit for your house because it can warm all the areas evenly. This device is fit for bigger homes and it makes more sense to invest in it because you won’t be able to live comfortably in a big house without warmth throughout winter.


When it comes to single stage or two stage furnace, you should at least have a plan before making a purchase. Don’t rush your decision.

Compare different costs and choose one that suits your budget the most. Also, be prepared to deal with power bills each month as well. Make the most reasonable choice for your home because staying heated should be everyone’s number one priority throughout cruel winters.

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