Signs An Employee Considers to Leave your Company

There are many ways in which a company can grow – it usually involves investment, hard work, and professionalism. This can be achieved with the help of a team of hard-working, reliable, and dedicated employees. Finding people like this is not easy – holding on to them can be even harder, especially if they are highly-trained individuals, in today’s competitive landscape. One of the worst feelings for a business owner is when a member of the team, one that you rely on, announces their intention to leave the company and continue elsewhere.

What makes a situation like this even worse is when an employee leaves without notice. Normally, they would be required to announce well in advance so the company can find a suitable replacement – but not all of them do so. There are, in turn, a few signs that an employee considers leaving. Here are some things you can pay attention to so you won’t get the bad news out fo the blue.


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No commitment

When an employee is reluctant to commit to a long-term project, it can indicate that they are about to leave. Most people prefer to tie all loose ends before leaving – and if they intend to, they are unlikely to start working on one. If they begin to communicate less, to delegate assignments to others, to become less productive, and overall seem less interested and dedicated to their work, it’s a telltale sign that they may consider moving on to another workplace.

Changing behavior

You’ll be able to notice subtle changes in the behavior of an employee who considers leaving your company. Among others, they’ll probably start brushing up their LinkedIn profile, perhaps browsing the web for tips on how to get a raise or how to negotiate a better salary. They will be less communicative with coworkers and their superiors, contribute less at meetings, leave on time when they were previously happy to put in overtime, and be less social with their coworkers. These might all signal their intention to continue their professional life at another employer.

Not happy


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An employee that’s not happy at a workplace will jump ship sooner rather than later. There are many things that can make an employee feel unhappy – being passed over for a promotion or a pay raise, doing the same thing for too long, perhaps even their work friends leaving for another company. Perhaps most importantly, if an employee doesn’t feel appreciated, they will likely move on to seek not necessarily better pay but more workplace appreciation. 

Major changes

One of the things that can indicate that you’ll soon need to find a replacement for an employee is a major change in their lives. This can be a big change in their private life – a coming child, a family member falling sick – or their professional one, like obtaining a new degree or certification, The latter, especially when combined with the employee being stuck in the same position for too long, is almost always a telltale sign that they are planning to move on.

Leaving without notice can hit your company hard – but even with notice, it can be hard to find the right replacement. These signs might indicate that you should consider starting to look for a new team member. 

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