Should I Start A Small Farm?

Are you tired of the city life and thinking of creating a small farm? Owning a bit of land to grow vegetables and raise animals can be a great experience, but it involves a lot of preparation and motivation. Organic, dairy, livestock – there are many different types of farm. Here are our tips to help you start on this new journey.

Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Yourself Into

Research is key. We would advise you to look into a bunch of farming websites, blogs or to go directly to farmers and ask them questions about their business. Farming can be a great experience and offer you a good life but be aware that you may not get any money at first. It takes a lot of hard work.

What Do You Want To Farm?


It’s essential to consider what you would like to farm before even starting anything… Make a list of how much land, resources and money you have before jumping into anything major. Maybe start small, if your thing is animals, you could begin by owning some chickens or rabbits, but we would advise to start planting some vegetables, it’s always good to sell or for your own pleasure. 

Ready, Start

The equipment you need will entirely depend on the type of farm business you decide to start. You could rent, get them second hand or just buy everything from new to make sure you’ve got the best.  If you’re not certain of your ability to add or extend structures or buildings to your land, you could hire companies specialised in that kind of business, same goes for your greenhouses or polytunnels, Premier Polytunnels, is a great company for that kind of mission! 

Expand Your Business


Once you’re settled, it’s time to start expanding and promote your business. You could use social media to reach out to people within your local community or you could promote your business in the local newspapers or the radio. When you have some customers, you could think of opening a farm shop or even a bed and breakfast!  

To resume, it’s important to remember the costs and the amount of work that come with opening a small farm, it requires passion but also a lot of effort. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with unique ideas and use all the tools at your disposition.

Charlie Wilson

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