Essential Information to Know Before Shipping Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is usually one of your most important investments. You use it to bring you to your official engagements on time. For this reason, you need to take care of your car correctly, especially if you need to bring it to a different location across the country. If you need to carry your vehicle to a different state, find a car transport business that you can trust. To make sure that your vehicle will reach your destination in good condition here is some vital information that you need to know. 

shipping vehicle

Consider Different Shipping Methods

There are two types of auto transport services; the open truck and the enclosed trailer. Open truck services are usually more affordable, but it exposes your car to different elements. On the other hand, enclosed vans typically shield the vehicle from road debris and harsh weather conditions, yet it only uses wheel nets or nylon straps to prevent vehicle damages. To help you decide which service suits your vehicle, inquire about the security measures used in your auto transport company on both car shipping procedures.  

Read Consumer Reviews 

Since you pay thousands of dollars to have your car shipped to your destination, make sure that every cent you spend is worth it, so look for a car transport business that you can trust. If it is your first time having your vehicle shipped, you can check the company’s track record by asking for recommendations. Talk to your family and friends if they have already transacted with a particular auto transport company to get their feedback.

You may also search online to read valuable customer reviews. To verify the company’s safety records, you can look into their listing through the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System website. 

Look into the Company’s Insurance Policy

Always make sure to ask your transport company for a Certificate of Insurance. It must state the coverage amounts for their workers’ compensation, their liability, the cargo limits, and all the applicable deductibles. If you deal with a broker company, they will only offer broker bonds. So make sure that the car transport business that will handle your vehicle can provide cargo insurance for your peace of mind.  

Indicate Your Scheduling Needs 

schedule vehicle shipping

The majority of auto transport businesses indicate a specific time frame for scheduling a delivery or pickup when shipping a car. Most of the time, they will tell you to wait for about five to seven days before you receive your vehicle due to the traffic situation and other circumstances on the road. But if you need to have your car delivered in the shortest possible time or if you need it on a specific date, you should request them to expedite the transfer. However, you need to prepare for a higher shipping cost due to this particular arrangement. 

Shipping your car needs a lot of consideration. If you are planning to have it transported to a different location, follow all these tips to ensure that the vehicle will reach your desired place in perfect condition. Make sure that the company that will handle your car practices high standards. It will assure you that they will take care of your precious vehicle properly until it lands back in your hands. 

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