Sewer Overflows Issue and Why you Should Avoid Them

No one likes the thought of sewage appearing in the garden or their home. Yet, this is a common problem that many homeowners face. The good news is that, in many cases, the sewage overflow can be avoided. It’s simply a matter of being aware of what causes them and taking preventative steps.

Remember, sewage carries an array of diseases that you don’t want to catch, it’s better to avoid contact with it.


The most common cause of sewage overflows is a blockage. Your pipes can be blocked for many reasons, such as damaged tree roots, breakages in the pipes, or simply the wrong items flushed into the pipes. Anything that stops the smooth flow of waste will allow the buildup of debris inside the pipes.

Once there is sufficient debris the pipe will be blocked and the waste can only go one way; back into your home.

Preventative Steps

The key is to prevent the blockage from happening. This is easier than you may think.

However, before you start examining everything you put down the drain, it’s a good idea to inspect the inside of your pipes.

The easiest way to do this is to find a sewer camera for sale and buy it. You’ll be able to side the camera inside the waste pipes and examine the state.

The camera will alert you to any issues, allowing you to get them sorted before they become more serious.

Pay Attention!

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No sink or toilet suddenly starts to overflow. There are also warning signs, the most common is slow-draining appliances. The moment you notice one of your appliances is draining slowly you should inspect the pipes. There’s a good chance a blockage is building.

You’ll want to run the drain camera through the pipes to inspect the area and decide what remedial action needs to be taken.

Turn Off Faucets

It’s a small thing but it makes a difference. If you get in the habit of turning off faucets properly you’ll recue the possibility of water build up in the pipes. Backpressure can occur when multiple water sources are draining, they cause a buildup which can result in the water firing backward and into your house.

Repair Leaks

You may not realize it but leaks can cause sewage overflow, especially if the leaks are in the waste pipes. You should inspect them regularly to prevent issues from occurring.

Backflow Valves

It’s also a good idea to fit backflow valves to every waste point in your home. This will prevent the water from going back into your home. Of course, they will need regular monitoring and cleaning to ensure they work properly.

Watch Your Waste

A large proportion of blockages in the sewer pipes is a result of the wrong items being put down the toilet. Make sure you have a good sanitary bin in the bathroom and all sanitary products go into it. If you’re only allowing toilet paper and human waste to go down the toilet you’re reducing the likelihood of any blockages and overflows happening.

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