Roof Sarking: What is it & Why it is Important?

Whether you’re building a house, extending, renovating, or even replacing the roof, you need to know what roof sarking is and why you should be including it in your project.
Roof sarking is the name for a pliable laminated membrane that fits under your roof while the roof is being installed. It must be put on before the roofing material is added. 
The pliable material is rolled across the wooden frame of your roof, parallel to the eaves. Sheeting should start from the top of the roof and each sheet must overlap the one below it.
The result is a completely waterproof seal. Even if the water should get through your roof times, it won’t be able to penetrate your building.
As a bonus, the roof sarking can be placed on the roof as soon as you’ve put the frame in position. This protects the wooden frame and the rest of the house while you’re building. Without the roof sarking, the wood can be drenched and start to rot before the building is even finished. 
But, it’s not just a waterproof layer to protect your home! 
roof sarking

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Roof sarking is an effective thermal layer. It can help the heat to stay in your home, effectively reducing your heating bills or helping the house to stay cooler in the summer months.
The energy savings it can help you make will counterbalance the cost of installing the roof sarking.
The roof sarking material is also good at resisting bushfire embers. While there are no guarantees that it will prevent your house from being affected by a bushfire, it will decrease the risk and help to protect it.
It should also be noted that sarking will help to keep unwanted pests out of your home as it closes down entrance points in the roof. 
Sarking is beneficial, for all roof types, even metal roofs. It can prevent any condensation build-up occurring on the wooden frame, effectively protecting it from being damaged by wet rot. 

Fitting The Roof Sarking

Roof sarking must be fitted to ensure that any water getting through your roof runs down the outside edge of the sarking and off your roof. That’s why it’s can only be fitted during renovations, replacement roofs, and new builds. The sarking creates a solid barrier preventing water from getting into your home.
As it is such an important element of your home it’s advisable to get a reputable building consultant Sydney to install this for you. This will help to give you peace of mind that the sarking will do exactly what it is intended to.
roof sarking

Image Source: pexels.com

While sarking is not a compulsory requirement on any new build or renovation, it is a beneficial material and will help improve the safety and value of your property. This is particularly relevant if you’re thinking of selling the house. It’s one less thing for the new owners to worry about.
If you’re undertaking a project involving your roof then you need to be thinking about using sarking material. 

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