Where Should Roman Blinds Be Placed?

The best part about having roman blinds in your home is that you can hang them on the outside or inside of your windows depending upon your needs and requirements. 
In this article, we are going to discuss where roman blinds should be placed. So keep on reading to find out more information below about roman blinds NZ.

Inside Recess

If you choose to put the roman blinds in your home inside the recess then it is going to provide you with the following advantages:

  1. You will be able to achieve and neat and clean look inside your home.
  2. Roman Blinds inside the recess give a tidy finish.
  3. If the blind is made of wooden material then it can easily be fixed on the window frame as well.

Roller blinds have been built in such a way that they are a perfect type of blinds to install inside the recess.


  1. If the roller blinds are installed inside the recess then it can limit the amount of light that comes to the window during the daytime. If you are someone who enjoys the sunlight that comes to the windows during the day were then you should not consider installing the roller blinds inside the recess.
  2. If you want total darkness or blackout in a bedroom then installing a roller blind inside the recess is not a feasible option. That is because it is going to let some amount of light into the room.

Outside The Recess

If you install your roller blinds outside the recess then you are going to get the following advantages:

  1. If you install the roller blind outside the reason it is going to allow more natural light to come into the room throughout the day. If you are someone who enjoys sunlight to come inside the room then you can consider installing a roller blind outside the recess of your sunroom.
  2. When you roll down the roller blind it will block out the light of any unwanted rays.
  3. The material and color of the blind will retain for a longer period because it is placed on the window outside.
  4. If you have inward opening window sills then you can still place things on top of that if the roller blinds are installed outside the recess.


  1. When the roman blind is closed any objects that you want to put on a display will not be visible at all. 
  2. If you want to display any items the blind will fall over and below the sill.


Though, it does not matter if you install roller blinds on the inside or outside of the recess if you are not worried about the natural light that is going to come into your home through the window. The roller blinds are installed and design in such a way that you can easily install them on the outside or inside depending upon your requirements. But if you are someone who enjoys more light to enter into their home then you should consider installing your roman blinds outside the recess.

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