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Robotic Vacuum: The Easy Vacuuming And Safe For Hardwood Cleaning Option

Cleaning your hardwood flooring with your good old broom is not complicated. However, it’s an inefficient and extremely tedious task. Heavy traffic areas should be cleaned every week, which is inconvenient if you’re a very busy individual. Also, regularly cleaning your space tends to spread dust around your home. And if you have pets or allergies, this method is not sufficient.
Luckily, you can keep your hardwood beautiful with the help of a robotic vacuum cleaner. There are also simple cleaning techniques you can follow that can make your life easier.

Why Is It Important To Maintain My Hardwood Floor Clean?

Having this type of floor is a luxury. Stepping into a home with hardwood flooring will provide you with that warm, welcoming feel. Also, the subtle scent of wood can be quite addictive to some people. Aside from these, they can add significant value to your property and will last longer than other kinds of floors.
Nonetheless, having wooden floors does come with some responsibilities. If you fail to maintain them, their appearance can alter or worse, it can cause damage to its beauty.
Keep in mind that these floorings are a bit more sensitive than others. Fortunately, their upkeep is not as hard as you may think. They need minimal water. Furthermore, you just need to vacuum them regularly. And if your floors are looking dull, you can quickly fix them up using specialized cleaning solutions or natural ingredients.

How To Maintain Your Wood Floors Properly

  • Clean any spills right away  With a slightly damp or dry cloth, wipe up any spills immediately. Avoid using steam or wet mops since they may damage your floor over time. Also, wood will shrink and swell depending on the moisture level on it and in the air. Hence, it’s vital to keep the level of humidity down to prevent the gapping, splitting, and cupping of your wooden floor. Wiping spills as soon as they happen can help prevent these problems.
  • Dust or sweep regularly – You may think that it’s excessive, but it’s highly recommended. Dust is everywhere. It tends to settle in between floorboards and into their grain. It’s also about hygiene if you have pets that constantly shed around your home.
  • Vacuum regularly This is one of the best ways to keep your space clean, as well as ensure all the dirt and crumbs you may have missed when sweeping don’t damage your wood flooring. Don’t worry, you can rely on a robotic vacuum to make this chore pain-free.
  • Refinish your hardwood every three to five years Your wooden floorings will begin to look a bit dull over time. You can renew them by recoating, which involves the application of a fresh coat of hardwood floor finish. Keep in mind that how frequent you need to do it will depend on the lifestyle of your family.

Vacuuming Vs Sweeping

Your dust mop and broom can remove filth off of your floor. There’s no denying that. But this method is not the most effective at removing dirt and grime from your floorings.
Sweeping makes dust airborne. On the other hand, other pieces of debris will fall into the corners and crevices of your hardwood. When you mop after sweeping, the remaining dirt can bind with moisture, and eventually create mud. Notice that when you mop any floor type using a wet mop, the water seems cloudy or muddy after several passes.
On the other hand, a robot vacuum can pull up the dust from those crevices. It will also suck everything into its built-in canister. As a result, your space will have less airborne dust. Plus, it’ll leave your floorings with less dust as well.

How Often Do I Need To Vacuum My Hardwood Floors?

Ideally, you should sweep and/or vacuum regularly. It should be as frequently as you’d sweep using a broom. This is especially true if you have dogs or other pets.
After vacuuming, clean any remaining stains that your robotic cleaner wasn’t able to pick up using a damp mop. Doing this will keep your floors looking fresh and new for a long time with minimal effort on your part.

Tools You Need To Clean Your Wooden Floors

Tools You Need To Clean Your Wooden Floors
Before starting with your chore, it’s crucial to know the type of hardwood you have. These floorings are not created equal. Although, there are common guidelines in terms of their maintenance and care, some hardwood types and finishes may need special consideration. So if you’re unsure, make sure to check with your manufacturer first.

  • Vacuum This cleaning tool is the most popular and easiest way to clean your floor. Ensure that the vacuum you utilize is designed specifically for hardwood. If you also have a carpet, find a unit that can handle it as well as your wood flooring. Additionally, opt for a vacuum model with ample suction power to lift lint and dirt efficiently.
  • Broom For smaller messes or rooms, you can always use your bristle broom. Nevertheless, robotic vacuum cleaners are far more effective and can save you valuable time as well.
  • Mop A soiled floor is unavoidable, and you may need to spot clean from time to time. For this, you can eliminate the embedded grime by using a damp mop. Make sure to look for a mop with a microfiber head as it helps absorb dirt. Some models are washable and removable as well.

Why Are Robot Vacuums The Wisest Option For Handling Hardwood?

If you’re wondering why robot vacuums are the ideal choice, well there are several good reasons why. But the best one is that these smart devices allow for the automation of the majority of your house dusting chores. So if you don’t have time due to your busy schedule, you can let the machine do all the hard work of eliminating the allergens and dust off your floors.
It can assist you in cleaning your hardwood floorings with a quick push of the start button. You don’t even have to lift a finger. You simply have to learn the machine’s operating procedures and maintenance.
You have plenty of available options out there. So to avoid getting overwhelmed, check out this Cleanup.Expert Rating to help you find the right robotic vacuum for your home.

Important Features Of Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood

To further narrow down your choices, here are some essential features you need to consider when shopping for a robot cleaner:

  • Price Remember that a higher price tag doesn’t always suggest quality. Also, know your budget and stick with it so that it’s easier to weed out your options.
  • Smart navigation These machines have two group classifications, random navigating robots and those with smart navigation. The first one is cheaper, while the latter is more costly.
  • Sensor Robots with smart navigation either come with a camera or a laser sensor. Units with camera sensors are a bit more expensive and will need light. On the other hand, those with a laser sensor can do the job without light and are a cheaper option.
  • Battery life This usually applies to models with random navigation. Those that run longer are better since they will be able to cover more surfaces. This is not a big concern for units that can return to their dock to recharge. They’ll simply navigate their way to the charging station when they’re low on battery. And once fully charged they’ll resume where they left off.

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