Choosing the Right Size Auger for Planting

An auger is effectively a large drill that can be driven into the soil to create a perfect home. The advantage of using an auger isn’t just that it’s a much easier and less labor-intensive process.  The auger can also help to ensure your holes are the same size in width and depth, it’s also significantly faster than using an old-fashioned spade. 

In fact, there is a huge array of earth augers that can be purchased or rented. Some are large enough to make a well in your garden, others are used to put fence posts in, and some are small and helpful for planting. 

Choosing The Right Size Auger

The good news is that if you choose an auger that is too big or too small the hole can be corrected to ensure it is still good for your planting purposes. 

The key to choosing the right auger is to consider what you’re planting. The auger makes a regular hoe, this needs to be big enough for your seed or the bulb that you’re intending to plant. Your basic earth auger will come in a variety of sizes, ranging from two inches to nine inches. That should be enough of a range to find the right size auger for your planting needs.

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But, you also need to consider the height of your auger.

An earth auger attaches to a standard drill. You’ll find it’s best to use it with a cordless drill as this provides freedom of movement. The height of the auger you choose is dependent on your height. For example, most two-inch augers can be bought in lengths ranging from seven inches to fifty-four inches. The larger the diameter of the auger, the smaller the overall length.

You simply need to choose the height that is comfortable for you to use and goes into the ground far enough for your planting needs.

This will be dictated by what you intend to plant

Using Your Auger

Once you have chosen your earth auger you’ll need to attach it to your drill. It attaches in the same way as any other drill or screwdriver bit. It should be noted that the very largest of earth augers may be designed to fit specific powerheads. You’ll need to rent this with your auger. 

Once you’ve attached the auger place it where you would like a planting hole and turn it on. You’ll need to keep the auger straight to ensure the hole is vertical. The auger will kick slightly as it starts to bite the soil. Other than that all you have to do is hold it in place without applying pressure. The auger does all the work. 

Once it’s reached the required depth pull it up and move onto the next hole. If you’ve never used an earth auger before you may want to create a couple of practice holes first. 

Final Thoughts

Using an earth auger is simple and, if you’re not sure of the right size then err on the side of caution and go larger than you think you need. It’s easier to fill a hole in than it is to widen an existing one 

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