How to Regain Control of Your Mood

Most people prefer to cultivate joy and happiness within their lives. When a person is constantly upset, stressed, or moody, it can be rather uncomfortable to be around. While there are people who might be upset or moody because of a circumstance, there are many people who tend to be moody because it’s what they’re used to. To remain moody is to feel comfortable and normal. If you identify with this reality, know that you can regain control of your mood. Review the following methods that can help you maintain a stable, peaceful mood.

Monitor your Intake of Sugar and Caffeine


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Sugar and caffeine are both considered stimulants. While that lovely mocha latte might taste amazing, it’s filled with both sugar and caffeine. It can actually make your mood worse. Instead, decrease your intake of both. Start the morning with a hot cup of water. Add some fresh lemon slices for the taste. As you decrease your sugar and caffeine intake, you’ll see a change in the way you feel.

Take Supplements

Many people underestimate the power of mental health. When your hormones are out of balance, your mental health can suffer. This can manifest itself in the form of drastic mood swings and more. Instead, consider finding some supplements to help you stabilize your mood. If you’re typically low on energy, take a Vitamin B12 supplement. If your mood swings tend to happen throughout the afternoon, consider a calcium or magnesium supplement. If you need to relax in order to avoid a mood swing, consider taking CBD supplements. If you find that your tolerance level is low when you’re taking a CBD supplement, you’ll want to focus on stepping up gradually. You don’t want to overdo anything.

Talk to a Therapist

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Humans are incredibly resilient. As an individual, you’ve seen, experienced, and endured so many events and emotions. There’s no way those experiences don’t impact you in some way. This is why talking to a therapist can help you process pent-up emotions and feelings. It’s also great to talk to a therapist because they can help you resolve toxic thought patterns and experience true healing.

Take Time to Check in with Yourself

This is probably one of the most critical things you can do. When you’re prone to moodiness, it’s easy to sink into that feeling just because it’s Tuesday. Instead, start your day with intention. On your commute to the grocery store, ask yourself how you’re feeling. If you’re not okay, be proactive about what the issue is and how you can resolve the problem. Learn the difference between a big deal versus a small issue. As you do this practice, it’ll help you to actively gain control, shift your thinking, and stay on top of your mental state.

There are people who are naturally prone to depression and sadness. In those cases, medication is a viable, helpful option. When you’re dealing with a mood disorder or chronic moodiness, regaining control might seem impossible. Thankfully, with these methods, you can experience a completely different quality of life.

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