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Tricks to Refresh Your Garden This Summer

If your garden isn’t looking its best anymore, perhaps it’s time to start looking for ways to help it out and breathe new life into it. There are loads of things that you can do in this regard, from replacing your lawn with astroturf for gardens to adding color in strategic places. Keep reading for a list of great ideas to make your garden smile again.

Bring Some Color In

One of the simplest and most effective ways of adding some much-needed color to your lovely garden is purchasing a few planters with colorful plants. The wonderful thing about this idea is that you can place those plants anywhere you wish, and if you change your mind, no problem! Simply pick them up, and put them in their new spot. If you’re looking for a DIY touch to this idea, consider updating the pots you already have lying around with some spray paint. This way, you’re going to be able to create the exact look you’re looking for, without spending a great deal of money.

Bring Some Light In

Everyone knows that a home needs plenty of lights. However, people often forget that their gardens are an extension of their home, and as such, should also be flooded with light, even during the night. Indeed, having light outside is not just something that’s incredibly helpful and even safe, but it can also work to add character to space. A great, low-maintenance idea that’s also quite cheap is purchasing solar lights.

Work With Low Maintenance Perennials

Often times, the reason a garden stops looking wonderful and shiny is that its owner gets too busy, and can’t care for it as much as they used to. There is nothing wrong with this, as we all have our own lives, and they can get crazy sometimes The good news is that you can plan ahead for such occasions, and purchase heat hardy perennials, that won’t require much care. When shopping for plants, look at tags that say heat-tolerant or drought-tolerant. Great examples of such plants are canna, black-eyed Susan, daylily, and coneflower.

Create Definition

If you use your garden for more than one purpose, such as relaxing, cooking and playing games, a great way to make it look great is to clearly define zones within it. To do so, you can use different materials for each zone, such as different paving, or you can even fence some areas up. Of course, you can also work with colors to create definition.


You probably already know that the easiest, cheapest way to make your rooms look completely different is to paint the walls a different color. Well, the same goes for your garden. As far as the specific color goes, you can pick whatever suits your personal preference best. You can go for browns and greens if you’re looking for a natural look, but you can also go with pastels or even vibrant colors for your shed.

Make it Private

If you live in a busy area, a great thing to do would be to make your garden more private, so that you can enjoy it without feeling observed. When doing so, there are a few options you can go for, such as bringing in trees and hedges. Of course, if you’re looking for a faster, less time-consuming solution, you can install large fences.

Get Some Accessories

Just like you often wear accessories to make your outfits pop, you can also accessorize your garden. You can bring in things like cushions and bright watering cans, or a variety of other types of garden items to make space come to life.


If there’s too much heat, you can bring some fresh mulch, as this won’t just make your garden look a little more put together, but it will also help with water retention while inhibiting the growth of weeds.

Pluck and Prune

When your garden starts to look like it’s headed down a dying alley, you can start pruning and getting rid of any dead flowers. This way, you’ll be able to encourage the plant to keep growing, rather than spending energy on parts of it that have no future.

If you’ve got vegetables, make sure to get rid of dead stems from beans, tomatoes, peppers, and zucchinis. If your tomato plants have new growths between the stem and branches, make sure to get rid of them, since they’re likely to be sucking up resources that could be put to better use by feeding the growing fruits.

When your garden isn’t looking its best, try these tips to make it look like new again. You don’t have to try them all since simply mixing and matching a few of these ideas can work wonders.




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