Reasons Why Your Instagram Stories Are Failing (& How to Fix Them)

Instagram has introduced stories which are appreciated by users. Instagram stories are a great way to increase engagement and to interact with the audience. Although stories are a quick way to reach followers, not only every follower go through your stories.

Some of them go through these stories at the speed of light. Thus, they did not look at what a story talks about. This way, you are unlikely to get the desired result. Moreover, this practice affects engagement as well. In this case, you can consider real Instagram followers – LikesForge.

And, if you think your followers are not engaging lately, this blog highlights possible issues along with solutions.

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Small Group of Followers

It is likely that you follow users to grow your audience hoping that they may follow back. However, follow-backs are not always predicted. Not everyone will give consider it, especially if you have minimum followers. On the other hand, it is incredibly difficult to convince people to follow you unless your feed is interesting. Moreover, if you are following 1k user but you have gotten only 400 followers, users may question your credibility. They might doubt to trust you or users might think you are running a spam profile. When a profile has a huge following, it shows that the Instagrammer puts up interesting content.

So, to deal with this issue and to make the most of your Instagram stories, you need to take practical steps. For example, do not hesitate to unfollow some accounts. These profiles can be the ones with minimum followers. You should get rid of inactive users as they will not play their part to increase engagement through Instagram stories.

Low-quality Visual Content

Quality matters even when you are sharing a few seconds long stories on Instagram. It is crucial for brands as well. When you post an exciting update through your Instagram story, its low quality hinders the response you want to receive. Therefore, for brands, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the content.

If this step requires you to hire a designer or creative content creator who can come up with high-quality stories and other posts, go for it.

Incomplete and Confusing Message

When you use Instagram stories for advertisement, you need to double check whether it is conveying the message or not. Most of the time users still cannot get the offer after watching the ad. An ad with a clear message and an offer is likely to appeal to users and boost engagement at the same time. If you run an ad without considering these issues, you cannot achieve the desired result.

To get a user’s attention and to increase engagement, you need to create two ads. Post both on your Instagram stories and see which one gets the maximum response. Many brands opt for this strategy to drive attention to their offer or service.

Don’t Be Too Flashy

Almost all the brands want to stand out so that they can beat their competitors. In this case, they unknowingly become too flashy. Take note that followers love when you use memes or different techniques to convey your message. When stories were introduced on Instagram, followers find it fun and interesting when brands different gifs and emoticons. This is a quick and functional way to engage the audience and spread your message.

Although it seems to use gifs or memes, do not over-do it. Keep in mind that ‘less is more’. So, next time when you post a story make sure it has just the right amount of emojis and it does not look flashy.

Bottom Line

Instagram stories can convey your offer to your target audience in a short time. You can use them for promotional purposes as well. However, you need to find what works best for a brand. A high-quality and fun Instagram story does not increase engagement but promotes brand message as well.

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