What Qualifications do I Need to Work in Construction?

Choosing a career is not always easy. Regardless of what opportunity you wish to follow, you’ll find training is important. In many cases, you’ll even need the right qualifications. That’s why it pays to start training young. However, to train young you need to already know what you want to do.
That can be difficult when there are so many potential careers available. However, the good news is that a career in construction offers an array of possibilities, potentially making it a great choice.

What a Construction Worker Does

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A construction worker is generally classified as someone working in the construction industry preparing machinery, operating equipment, and creating structures. It’s a very general description as a general laborer will move bricks, sand, and cement around while an electrician or plumber has more specialized trades.
Anyone in construction needs to know how to measure something accurately, how to follow safety protocols, instructions, and even use specific equipment safely. 

How to Get Qualified

In order to get hired, you’ll want to have the right experience and qualifications. The exact qualifications will depend on what position you’re applying for. Anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor will need enthusiasm and have a high school qualification. This confirms they are capable of reading, writing, and basic math.
Of course, the more specialized the job, such as electrician or plumber, the greater the need for proper qualifications. You’ll need to attend a dedicated college course to get the right qualifications.
Alongside the right qualification, it’s a good idea to get some experience. The key to getting experience is to find yourself a job. For that, you need to check out the labor hire agency. You’ll be able to work for different firms in your area and gain experience without them having to take a risk.
This approach can also help you to locate the right employer. With a little help, they’ll guide you through the beginning of a career in construction.
In terms of education and a low-level opportunity on the construction ladder, a high school certificate is enough to get you started.

On-Job Training

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The majority of the learning actually happens on the job. In the first instance, you’ll be supervised by an experienced team leader. You may also need to study for an industry-specific qualification. The employer will usually guide you through the process and pay for it. 
Some of the certificates you need to study for will likely cover health and safety in the workplace and general construction skills. More specialized certificates can follow, allowing you to progress up the career ladder.
You will need to be skilled in communicating, have a good level of math, be physically fit, and be a self-starter. It can also be useful to be good at time management and accepting constructive criticism. You’ll get a lot when you start out. 
But, don’t forget that a career in construction can be very rewarding, the skills you learn will set you up for life.

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