How Promotional Calendars can Tell the Story of Your Brand

Unlike traditional marketing practices, brands consider creative promotional ways. This strategy brings numerous benefits and takes the brand to the masses at the same time. We are sharing today, how promotional calendars can tell the story of your brand in this article… keep connected. 

Illustration of calendar icon
Illustration of calendar icon

Nowadays, storytelling has become a trend. This is something you might not have seen in traditional marketing. In current times, brand tells their story using different mediums to target the audience.

In this case, promotional calendars are widely used as they become beneficial marketing tools for a campaign. Take note that calendar printing starts at the end of every year so you can visit to collect more information in this context.

If you are looking forward to telling your brand story through a calendar this year, this blog will help you.

Work on Theme

To tell the story of your brand, you first need to come up with a theme. Deciding a theme is essential as it helps you cover all the months and you will have something to display for each month.

Moreover, these themes can vary so you can incorporate things that your brand care about the most. For example, if you work to make the environment greener, you can showcase it on your calendar.

Furthermore, wall calendars are great to viral your message or story. This is possible because these calendars are hanged on the walls of either a house or office. This way, more and more people will come across the story that your brand tells.

High-Quality Images

Never overlook the significance of images when working a calendar. It is crucial to add top-notch photos related to the theme to attract people.

For instance, if you are willing to make the environment safer and breathable, you can add pictures of plastic pollution on the surface of the ocean. This idea may encourage people to reduce the use of plastic products in their daily lives.

Not only this, if you own a restaurant, you can always add fun photos of your eatery. Not only it will help people to explore your place but some of them might come to dine at your restaurant too.

Take note that images play a significant role in calendars. So, when you use a calendar for storytelling, you need to work a little harder to convey your message. This is the tried and trusted method of creating emotional bonds with your audience which is also one of the reasons why brands have opted for the strategy. When you are connected with your audience on an emotional level, you will likely to remember your brand for a long time.

Features and Captions

Many people love to make the most of calendars. This means they use it write day to day tasks and activities. So, it would be cool and functional if you add certain features such as ‘to do list’ to the calendar.

Features like these come in handy almost daily and let them remember your brand. Most importantly, try to add different captions.

They can be fun, witty, or creative. With the help of thoughtful captions, you can tell the brand story too. Plus, you can also choose caption according to the months as well.

Bottom Line

Current marketing practices are innovative and beneficial at the same time. Whether you are an owner of a small or big brand, you are likely to put forward your brand story.

Bear in mind that your storytelling should be unique so more and more people will find your brand interesting.

If you have decided to opt for calendars in this context, design your calendar in a way that it depicts the true picture of your company and you stand out in the industry.

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